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  1. My favorite Bond girl/ Female Villain is Elektra King there is just something about her that makes her better then the other Bond girls I just cant put my finger on it.

  2. If Gran Turismo didnt introduce you to Garbage, this certainly did.

  3. Raise a glass for Elektra. The most dangerous of all bond antagonists.

  4. This theme song was too good for the movie. Its also a great song from the POV of the villain!

  5. Anyone else here because this isnt this on Spotify anymore?

  6. Sophie marcru and Denise richerds are the best bond girls

  7. Best bond song by far, probably my favourite bond film as well.

  8. My favorite Bond song and movie. Denise Richards was so pretty here

    1. not sorry, but saying her name is Christmas Jones is not funy.. its badass!

  9. This is *my* bond theme.

    This was the first bond film I ever saw and this will forever be my favorite bond theme.

  10. This is an absolutely underrated and forgotten bond song. Not as well known as Goldfinger or Skyfall. But definitely a top 10 bond theme. The lyrics are dark and the sexy sensual tone is the epitome of what a bond theme should be.

  11. “That’s funny… what? I thought Christmas only cums once a year”

    Pierce may not be better than Daniel Craig as 007 but his one liners are infinitely more cheeky

  12. – Я могла дать тебе весь мир
    – И целого мира мало

  13. Lemme guess. The best Bond theme songs are written from the perspective of the villain.

  14. Pierce Brosnan at his best, Robert Carlyle, Sophie Marceau as villains, Desmond Lwellyns Last Q appearance, reminds me good memories from PS1….
    Best James Bond movie ever

  15. Its a beatiful music. In my opinion a better.

  16. Denise Richards is one the greatest creations of humanity

  17. Top Bond Musik!! Besser als Madonna u. Sherryl Crow´s Versuche….

  18. Pierce Brosnan should return for a final bond film they can call it Yesterday was Nothing

  19. Props to every BOND through the years… But BROSNAN made BOND what we imagined BOND to really be like.

  20. Agree with all comments about this being hugely underrated theme. Easily the best of the Brosnan era.

  21. Just here to see Denise Richard and Sophie Marceau

  22. Elektra King: I could have given you the world.
    James Bond: The world is not enough.
    Elektra King: Foolish sentiment!
    James Bond: Family motto.

  23. If Scarlett Johansson is cast in one of her final Oscar winning films it should absolutely be the final James Bond film in 2022 or 2023. It would be phenomenal. Mrs Gal Gadot Varsano Wonder Woman should be in the final James Bond film too.

  24. A nice soft spanking is what happens (). Point is A Healthy mind can go a long way.

  25. A lot of people dont like this movie but I love it

  26. James Bond is the sexiest agent in the world. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  27. What i like about this soundtrack is that the song is about those 2. If you get it

  28. This is such a dark gothic sounding song and my favourite James Bond theme song 🙂

  29. I’m sure this song is based on ‘Superstar’ by The Carpenters.. surely?!

    1. Unfortunately we got Die Another Day which uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well it wasnt good.

  30. I feel safe, I feel scared
    I feel ready and yet unprepared
    The World is not Enough

    1. Your favorite Bond movie wow. I mean I love it too its one of my favorite Bond movies but not my favorite.

  31. Underrated! Better than the lead track they chose

  32. Lex luthors theme song had superman not shown up on earth

  33. Müslüm Babanın daha iyi olmuş orjinalinden aq

  34. Sophie and Denise were the two hottest bombshell brunettes of all time and they were in this movie. Who cares if Denise Richards was a Nuclear Psychologist

    And that red dress 😍👌

    1. Denise Richards is so underrated. I sometimes think that Pierce Brosnan is also.

    2. THANK YOU. Everybody always points that out as if that takes away from how good the movie is. Her performance wasnt Oscar- worthy by any means but Im just one of those people who when Im watching a movie, if somebody is supposed to be something, then for the time Im watching I just go with it. Sofia Coppola was worse in Godfather Part 3 to me, but I still like that movie.

  35. pierce brosnan bond movies is the most underrated in the bond series..

  36. This could be an alternative theme even for On her Majesty Secret Service

  37. PLEASE watch Müslüm Gürses-Bir ömür yetmez ki

    1. @Gencturk92 Müslüm Gürses has covered this song to the bir ömür yetmez ki of you watch you will understand.

  38. Why only 6 thousand people like that masterpiece ?? I cant get enough of that song <3

  39. Os filmes de James Bond, como os temas musicais ficarão para POSTERIDADE. Simplesmente IMORTAL!

  40. We saw this in the cinema for my dads birthday. We found it sub-par for a Bond film. Too bad, cause Pierce is great and in later years I appreciated Denise Richards and the bad guy who played Rumplestilskin.

  41. After listening to the new JB theme sung by Billie Eilish, I had to retreat to this theme to regain my faith in humanity.

  42. It’s weird how this song was used in the Christmas movie, and yes I know that was bad.

  43. (Sophie Marceau) Elektra King: I can give you the whole world.
    (Pierce Brosnan) James Bond: THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH

  44. Goldeneye is one of the best Bond films. But this theme is greater than the Goldeneye theme.

  45. I used to dance in the shower to this like how the girls danced in the intro. 😂

  46. I remember seeing this at the cinema in 1999. One of the best films Ive ever watched in a cinema too

  47. Thanks you very much 🙏❤️,Theo🌹 beautiful Hits love forever

  48. Los mejores soundtracks de 007 han sido los que protagoniza Pierce Brosnan! A mí parecer

  49. This song is for the likes of Bezos,Gates and Musk,the 3 real Bond villains

  50. Far as Im concerned, this was the last good Bond film. Far from the best but still a solid, fun time.

  51. James Bond family motto, “Orbis non Sufficit” The world is not enough…

  52. Lyrics:
    I know how to hurt, I know how to heal
    I know what to show and what to conceal
    I know when to talk and I know when to touch
    No one ever died from wanting too much

    The world is not enough but it is such a perfect place to start, my love
    And if youre strong enough together we can take the world apart, my love

    (Verse 2)
    People like us know how to survive theres no point in living if you cant feel alive
    We know when to kiss and we know when to kill
    If we cant have it all, then nobody will

    The world is not enough but it is such a perfect place to start, my love And if youre strong enough together we can take the world apart, my love

    I feel safe
    I feel scared
    I feel ready and yet unprepared

    The world is not enough but it is such a perfect place to start, my love And if youre strong enough together we can take the world apart, my love

    The world is not enough (2x)
    No, nowhere near enough
    The world is not enough

  53. Eurfe cristen religion sky vignette god nachula and bit ungu fr address .not korea citizen are an korean citizen.

  54. I adore Shirley Masons vocals in most anything, but disagree that this is the best Bond theme. You only live twice, sung by Nancy Sinatra is so beautiful

  55. Im looking for a submarine. Its big and black and the driver is a very good friend of mine.

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