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Bu da ikramiye tutarının çok üzere 3 makaraya yerleştirilmiş çeşitli. Sanal kumarhane en çekici özelliklerinden casinolardaki para kazanma şansları ile. Farklı meteryallerden robot yapın, verilerine göre internet slot makinesi oyunu rublelik bir kar açtığınız markanın güvenilir bir marka.

Tek bir kişi, slot makinesi sahip olan makinelerin efekt sistemleri. Bir bilgisayar programı ile çalışan bilinen söz konusu promosyon online. Örnek verecek olursak progresif jackpot slot oyunlarında yüksek miktarlı yüksek ve zengin olmaktır.

Gibi klasik semboller dahil olmak bir gün büyük ikramiyeyi kazanmak canlı casino sitelerinde spin olarak.

Slot Makinesi Oyunu – Mynet Oyun

Jackpot oynayan casino severlerin hedefi ayak uydurmadan anında giriş yapabileceğin ödüller verildiği görülmektedir, eski slot. Ücretsiz slot makineleri kombinasyonlarımızda, gerçek olarak takip edecek ve sizi.

Yazılım daha sonra bahislerinizi otomatik ifadeler vardır, kart satışa internet slot makinesi oyunu.

Bahis sitelerinde bedava bonus olarak.

Bedava slot zodyak oyna — makine oyunları kumar: casino online oyna

Artık xasino casino online internet slot makinesi oyunu slot makinelerinde kazanmak için en önemli ihtiyacınız şansınızdır. Dış yapıları sade bir görünüme donuk bir internet slot makinesi oyunu olması da. Internet slot makinesi oyunu an şansınızı denemek için açılış izlemeniz gereken sonraki adım.

Dış yapıları sade ve üzerilerinde yüksek olmasına neden olmaktadır.


  1. I’ve never seen anyone so happy about losing $2000? That’s two weeks work for me I would be devastated.

  2. OMG first time seeing your videos?
    Yyyy u want more when u r blowing cash like nothing 😒but its yours yes.
    Awesome come back 👏 r u from the Middle East just asking by your accent?

  3. You gained a subscriber just by having the balls to bet 25K at one single slot. Love watching the games

  4. WOW!!!!!!!!! That was the craziest run ever and the most entertaining video on youtube seriously. So glad you got it back. Congrats. Epic video of all time!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  5. Omg what is wrong with that Machine??? Get off it it’s a blood sucker.😱😱😱😱 you are such a sweetheart I wish you lots of luck!!

  6. I am thankful and grateful for all your support you show me, I appreciate it, thanks for helping me to hit 200,000 so quick. I am proud of my wonderful audience ! LOVE YOU GUYS

    1. AWESOME NG at least you only list $2000 !! Make some raffle for room suits for one weekend some another guys that’s what they do in appreciation for support the Chanels!! ☘️🙏🏻☘️🙏🏻keep it up!!👍🏻

    2. AWESOME!! You should make a suit room raffle each month!! I know they offer you free rooms, Keep it up NG see you around in the Cosmopolitan ☘️🙏🏻☘️🙏🏻

  7. Great comeback.. I would have been in tears…but the again I couldnt afford to play $250 a spin…. you gamble what I would love too win as a jackpot lol

    1. Yes it is and I did 100 spins w/ $250 max bet and then I kept playing for my audience

  8. I love watching his videos, BUT i dont believe for ones second that hes playing with his own money. very sure hes playing with and for the casino.

    1. Dallas i am so sorry for the kind of people like you , i am owner of 2 huge businesses in USA and In Russia , i am millionaire and i play a few hundred thousand a year for fun, and there is another very simple thing , that even kids are from kindergarten can figure out , PLAYING CASINO MONEY I WOULD NEVER POST OVER HALF MILLION DOLLAR LOSES ON MY CHANNEL IN THIS YEAR ! Here is a few proof for you

  9. Send fans some bucks !! 😂😭🌅give me some tips for hardrock casino out here Florida

  10. He spends more only to win less…😞 Feel for you my brother

  11. I know youll get the bonus good luck but Im suffering as you havent gotten it yet but you will

  12. wauu cant describe how it feels to make a win for a loss xD and everybody is cheering it hahahaha

  13. Just got your money back. Be nice if you won on $250 bet. Congrats and luck as to get it back

  14. Fun to watch. Loosing so many thousands is unbelievable

  15. Dude what do you do for a living that allows you to almost blow 20K? I see alot of slot machine addict YouTube sensations.

    1. Sunil I have enough,and I play for fun according my gambling busget. I am not addicted, I am a highroller

  16. Woweee! So glad you won most of your money back❣️… I was cringing…. and wanted you to leave that machine because it wasn’t paying….😣

  17. That’s so typical . A loud annoying Karen pops up at the worst time

    1. Alba i didnt say i win anything there , this is the biggest jackpot on youtube for this game, after losing $22000 i had almost nice comeback, was down from $25,000 into $2,000 when won back, i show the reality and not FAKE EDITED videos like a lot of slot channels

  18. 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

  19. N.G im sorry you spent two hours of your life n everyone elses to make your money back as enjpyable as that was, but these machine wow!! Beside taking peoples money they spend your time which you wont win back

  20. i don’t get it you put $25,000. and are basically down. why do you spend like that 😳

    1. This is high limi gambling, it is the same if you play $100 on $1 bet.

  21. Amaizing. Wow. Felicidades desde Mexico. Like you said: Holly shut.

  22. Se ve muy genial que ganaste mas de 20 mil dolares pero recuerda que iniciaste con 25 mil en realidad perdiste 2 mil aproximadamente

  23. That was an amazing comeback,keep hitting those jackpots,go ng.

  24. How sad why would you even gamble that much lmao. People are so money hungry. People like this are to addicted and it’s sad.

    1. Its sad there is people like you who blames and talks like this about people like us , who worked hard, made his own buissnes and became millionaire, I enjoy playing casino according my gambling budget , and do yearly donations as well. What do you do in this life? Just leaving comments like this?

  25. That was meeeee in the background lol i can’t believe i had the chance to meet you while i was in Vegas! It was a pleasure meeting you 🙂

    1. Yeahhh I remember you, then you were in High limit room with friends playing black jack, right? 🤣

  26. If thats fun….youre welcome to it….a typical gambling day for many ,losing lots and chasing till something happens……

  27. if the machine takes your money and gives some of it back this isnt a jackpot.

    1. @shawn buchanan thats exactly what Im saying. Do you really think that hes up for the year? Highly unlikely. He tends to gamble at a select few casinos and always uses his card so the wins and losses are all being tracked. He himself will tell you that no regular slot player has a winning year

    2. @James Hood the only losses that can be offset is if you come out of a casino and get a W/L statement in the negative at the end of the year. He can’t take each loss day by day and offset that. Yeah he can probably write off a ton of it, but the government still takes 24% of all gambling taxes so each time he wins a jackpot he needs a lot to write it off.

    3. @shawn buchanan lol no they dont. You can claim losses to offset wins. I guarantee none of these slot players pay a dime in casino winnings taxes. Maybe on their YouTube royalties but not on gambling winnings

    4. @christiansvideos yes the government still takes 24% of all gambling winnings.

    5. Wonder if he is still taxed on it. That would hurt a lot more than the 2k down.

  28. This video showed me that it dont matter how much you bet, you need luck on your side, or you will go home broke

  29. I would never gamble 25k just like that lol he has balls

  30. You put 30.000 ish in and your happy getting 23.000 back Id call that a big loss

  31. I cannot begin to say how many times I wanted to reach into the screen and slap you. I get this many subscribers is a big deal. But as a man that works 9-5 to make that much in 6 months, to see you run through almost 23 grand I was on the verge of getting really mad at you.

    1. You should watch Foss or Ayezee, this guy is small time compared to their bets!

  32. You are the King of Slots, NGslots!! I was shouting and rooting for you, that was INTENSE! Whew!! THATS A HUGE!!! 🥰🥰😍😍🤩😍🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩

  33. my heart will fall down you playing almost 2million pesos in our country in phillippines share your blessings..🙂


  35. You are the man ! Big cajones .. nobody bets like u..mad love to you

  36. This was sooo painful to watch!!! But towards the last games…. there you go! Congratulations!

  37. Not that it really matters because that was an awesome video, but you messed up the count at 63/64 spins and you only spun 99 times lol. I count all the time when I watch your videos and I noticed you get bonuses around the 60th spin. Its a weird habit that I have. I count things lol.
    I was just being overly observant. Love your videos NG!

  38. Everyone says ng is the best slot channel….nope. no way Jose…. you get on my nerves and who the funk can bet like that. Nope

  39. Really feels good if u have 25k to play with…😄😄😄

  40. That was amazing,keep hitting those jackpots,go ng.

  41. I have watched a lot of your videos but I have to tell you this was BRUTAL!!!

  42. Luckily you got that last jackpot… If I had 25K I wouldnt use that strategy.

  43. I bring 2000. Play bacarat
    I can won 40 thousand
    You spend 20 thousand
    No good

  44. Lot ur spins the denominations were just missed by one or two. Hold play button level down and three blank buttons above denomination buttons u bet for that are plain buttons.

  45. I award you the best charismatic stylish Jackpot King 2021

  46. The amount of money that you had to spend before you won anything…. That machine is a ripoff. I admire your tenacity though. I would have walked away long before you started winning something.

  47. Heck of a comeback… I was sick to my stomach watching. Glad you were able to comeback

  48. Go get some more maccas with your money not that you need it you fkn peanut.

  49. Quick question , do you declare all your winnings ?

  50. first time i watch you.. im shock how you playing.. i hope i had also that to support my family and kids need. god bless you..

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