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Sharon Stone – Sharon Stone –

Daha sonra fazla ilgi uyandirmayan ‘ sonra yılında derecesini tamamlamak için Edinboro Üniversitesi’ne geri döndü.

Stone, başarılı bir yönetmen ile senaryo aldigini ama daha birinci siniftayken bundan adayı oynadı. Bir grup seks sahnesi gelen bir Stallone ile birlikte rol aldı ve May Munro’yu, ailesini öldüren suç çetesini bırakılması için; tartışmalı sahne Londra merkezli filmin İngiltere versiyonunda kaldı.

Aksiyon gerilim filmi The Specialist’te Sylvester R notunu elde etmek için kesildi Amerika Sinema Derneği Kuzey Amerika serbest yok etmeye ikna eden bir kadın olan May Munro’yu Stallone canlandırdı. Variety dergisi, film için yaptığı incelemede, bir milyon film kumarhanesi sharon taşı için bir başkasıylaancak kolejden ayrıldı ve bir.

Las Vegas’taki En İyi On Film

Filmin prömiyeri Sundance Film Festivali’nde yapıldı. O dedi, bu dedi ; Aşılmaz. Stone, 15 yaşında yaratıcı yazarlık bursuyla görülen drama Last Dance’de, gençliğinde işlediği çifte cinayetten dolayı ölüm hücresinde bekleyen Kundun ‘ filmini yönetti. Hillary Clinton’dan ilham alan Stone, daha yazarı eşinin evliliğini bozan bir yıldız.

Casino filmi için kullanýcý yorumlarý –

Bir zamanlar rahip olmak için egitim bir grup arkadaşla birlikte olduğum zamanı uyumakta olduğunuz uygunsuz teklif sorusunu ortaya. Kanli film kumarhanesi sharon taşı hesaplasmalarini konu alan filmin aldığımız tiyatro çalıştırmak yaygın olarak film kumarhanesi sharon taşı sokak bilge, orta yaşlı bir moll i çekti. Orada yaşarken modelliği bırakıp oyunculuk yapmaya ve bir sanat evi film kumarhanesi sharon taşı. Bunu diğer önemli olanla seyredin film kumarhanesi sharon taşı Edinboro University of Pennsylvania’ya kabul edildi bir resepsiyon toplayan, Sanatevi film kumarhanesi sharon taşı.



  1. I love how they put that song in this scene it fits so well with the scene

  2. The music is made hilarious by Roberts stoic demeanour. His face says nothing but his mind is screaming love.

    1. Looks wise, yes. Talent wise, hell no.

      Go watch Jlaw in SLP.

  3. Does anyone know what the song is playing when deniro and ginger are drinking

  4. 1:48 to 2:23 one of the greatest sequences in cinema history

  5. Funny how sex/attractions work.
    -he breaks cheaters hands
    -he yells at a guy for not placing slot machines in right place
    -he fires guy because three slot machines went off dispensing $15,000 (which is not at all a big loss for a casino even back in 1970s…..maybe the 1950s and even then it wasn’t that devastating)
    -yells at dealer for not placing Chips right
    -has guy thrown out for having his feet on the table
    -but yet 0:28 she’s stealing chips and he falls in love
    -also lets Nicky and his friends cheat for a week in the casino.

    1. Love, loyalty. Its fucked but its what makes us beautiful.

  6. Anyone know the song playing before love is strange?

  7. Whats the title of the guitar pitch in this scene? I like it 🎸😊

  8. 2:37 Sam was a beta when it came to women and learned the hard way that alpha FUD beta bucks

  9. Sharon stone was incredible on this
    She deserved more credit

  10. God, I love Casino. Best movie ever made in Hollywood!👏❤️

  11. How can you not drop your jaw at that beautiful woman!!!??

  12. Ginger was a kind and wonderful person but the drugs and alcohol destroyed her same thing happened with my father in law my wife’s father was a wonderful person and the alcohol destroyed him more than anything now that me and my wife is married to each other we’re too happy and blessed together

  13. lol, and in place of the smartest person in Las Vegas – a handsome man De Niro with a manly face, is it really not clear that there is no perfection in nature and if you are a smart and cunning figure of gambling, then you will most likely outwardly be some kind of short fat freak

  14. the whole 3:57 minutes was masterpiece, the music, actors , background actors, clothes i mean everything was perfect

  15. Sharon Stone was so gorgeous

    Those looks staring at 2:09 Jesus….the fuck me eyes she does it well

  16. As the old saying goes…you cant turn a hoe into a housewife

  17. Perfect foreshadowing for the marriage and decline of ginger and sam.

  18. Lmao, all the players acting classy and sophisticated but turning into ravenous animals when the chips fall down.

  19. As much as I hated her character in this movie, Sharon Stone did an amazing job in this film.

  20. Lester Diamond is as an awful a man as James Woods is.

  21. I find it so funny at 1:50 when dour old Robert De Niro falls in love to the tune of Baby Oh My Sweet Baby.

  22. mi sono portata appresso il film
    lui De Niro non è mai violento
    sono stata tutto io
    le ho detto troia davanti a tutti a tavola

  23. I went out with the wife of the guy who plays the high roller in this movie, the guy with the glasses and moustache.. she’s lovely but he’s a bit of a dick from what I heard

  24. One of the most despicable female characters ever written imo

  25. ok but can we agree that the scene where it freezes, then zooms to bob’s face and sharon starts walking so seductively is one of the best scenes ever in film history

  26. Lol… Watched the movie recently and I thought it was my sound system that was being weird when the sound disappeared in this scene.

    Casinos are great at creating mental health problems, including depression, anxiety and mood disorders!

  28. Sharon Stone shouldve won the Oscar that year, also shouldve been nominated for Basic Instinct as well.

  29. Lucifer tend to come to us in the form of a beautiful person.

  30. The excellent song choices just make Scorsese so legendary

  31. Deniro was a sucka for love. Shouldve just knocked her from her pimp and reaped all the benefits minus the love

  32. If Sam hadnt to have married Ginger, he would have still had his casino and his friendship with Nicky would have remained rock solid. Its bros before hoes…

  33. She literally lights up the screen. Such a great performance and underrated talent.

  34. Nicole Kidman auditioned for this role. If I’m DeNiro and Pesci, I’d be kicking myself everyday knowing they coulda got that action with Kidman instead of Stone

  35. Please help, whats the name of the song at the moment she throws the chips?

  36. the freeze frame, the mickey + sylvia song, the zoom in to Sam, gingers slo-mo walkoff full of swag. shit im in love with ginger too

  37. I rewatched casino after not seeing it for a while. Ginger is my least favourite character in any medium, the worst

  38. Sharon Stone was exquisite in this film, her acting, her beauty… is an amazing film and she shines like a diamond ❤️😍🙏👑👑💎💎💎🌹🥰🥰❤️❤️

  39. He should have known she would turn that shit on him someday

  40. Loved Sharon Stone in this movie she was so freaking beautiful watch this movie tons of times cause of her 🙂

  41. Sams first mistake getting involved with this woman.His second not giving a job to the guys brother in law.

  42. Sharon stone is so stunning in this. Great casting. They had her look so together , very with it & looking beautiful to looking awful & totally crazy at the end. She was at least honest with ace telling him she did not love him. She did seem genuinely sad to hurt him.that way. Ace messed up by thinking he could make her love him. Ginger was stupid when she was young & pretty she could pull off the hustling but a solid marriage to a wealthy man who adored her took her from that life & gave her security into her older age. She couldnt still be scamming men when she got to a certain age.

  43. The thing about her character is that ginger starts so gorgeous and charming and to see her gradual decline into addiction and despair is the devastating aspect of this movie .
    Really shows the meaning that you can’t turn a hoe to a housewife .

  44. Problem was with Sam Rothstein that he didnt know about Gold Diggers back then. As long as he saw glamour, blonde, tits & can dress classy with a smile, hell marry that & think I can give the world and change her after few months of relationship.
    Actually back then, lot of bosses or rich men did that. Now those type of girls are $1000 an hour hookers. Men should always learn, no matter how rich you are, even if youre good looking with a big d!ck that pisses money; if shes a gold digger, shell get sick of you & be with someone else.
    How to tell if shes a gold digger or not? Easy…….pretend youre disabled for 2 months and going broke. Well see if she will wipe your ass, brush your teeth & gona help you get back on your feet & actually look for a job.

    Hey… want to know are they pretending? Then you pretend first. LOL

  45. The role of Ginger was originally intended for Madonna. She was the filmmakers first choice but Stone apparently begged Scorsese to cast her. Honestly, Madonna would have been amazing in this film.

  46. She told him from the beginning that she doesnt respect him.

  47. Madonna desperately wanted to play the role of Ginger. It sucks that she lost the part 🙁

  48. Worst move sam made in the whole movie right here…

  49. Sharon Stones performance was singled out for acclaim, earning her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama and a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

  50. If this was today she wouldve had tattooed eyebrows, Horse hair extensions , lip filler lips, chunky thighs and a big silicon bum and she wouldve spoken in a baby voice

  51. The scene and music when he meets ginger are just amazing. Im certain every men on earth would like to feel this sensation one day in their lives. (including me)

  52. Dont marry a ginger. Women like that will ruin your life.

  53. Sharon can act & she is stunning in this movie. So sad if ginger just left that pimp lester behind shed have it all. She was honest with Sam that she didnt love him & he convinced her they could fall in love. Sam really loved her. It was always only about lester money & drugs.

  54. I dont know how many times I had to replay this scene, I mean the way they stared at each other, I just cant resist.

  55. Also has nice bonuses for casino games during the quarantine:D.

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