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  1. If I wanted pills and syringes I could just go to downtown Louisville for a lot cheaper

  2. I can spend the night in the hospital for free better than paying 100k for this

  3. What a disappointment, for a 100k… Looks like a tacky yucky drugy place.

  4. These idiots from nothern europe ruined this iconic suite.

  5. The bathroom: Has a bench in it
    This guy: THAT’S INSANE

  6. Designer: Make sure you put the twisted columns in by the pool.

    Builder: Si. Twister columns.

  7. I could be jeff bezos and still not want to stay there.

  8. Who ever pays 100k x2 for 2 nights for this needs a new hobby ……wow stupid

  9. Sheer drop next to a transparent shallow pool.

    Pills and bottles strewn all over the living room, along with a scene that you’d expect to include an overdose.

    Predatory sharks called Winner and Loser.

    Breathing salt particles of an indeterminate source and age.

    A massage room that slowly fills with water.

    Am I the only one who is genuinely uneasy at all the artistic choices in this suite?

  10. If I had the money to book such an expensive room, this certainly would not be it. The design and art work is hideous.

  11. I used to work with a girl who worked for Damien Hirst – she quit because apparently they treat their artists (who do all the work) like crap. XD

  12. What Doug says- empathy suite
    What I hear- the embassy suite said with a lisp

  13. This is atrocious! The things some people call art????? pfft

  14. Got to say at $100,000 a night I would expect more than a long couch… It doesn’t have massagers, heating and cooling, speakers and motorized recliners? Yikes

  15. This has to be prank. The designers:
    “Let’s see how shit we can make this place and put an arbitrarily high price just to see rich dumbasses pay for this”

  16. poorman.exe had stopped responding quarter way of this video.

  17. This hotel is the tackiest place I ever seen and the view is nothing to look at.

  18. To be fair… a stay in a Hospital in the USA is probably more than $100,000 a night these days

  19. and its no wonder the palms closed, sold for a loss, and still closed lol.

  20. I actually did stay at a hotel room with a bar once. It was $275 a night and the bar had a marble top that looked infinitely better than this attrocity

  21. Where‘s the part when he says „quirks and features“?

  22. I had to do a double take because this dude sounds like Spencer from iCarly. Is it just me?

  23. I also once stayed the night at my grandpas senior center

  24. The empathy suite…if thats not the greatest wordplay I dont know what is.

  25. that designer was definitely high on pills while designing this room

  26. This has to be the ugliest hotel room I’ve ever seen. The art is tasteless and the sterile feel is nauseous. I rented a condo in Bahrain that had the same feel and echo. I’m not wanting to have to touch an iPad to do anything at $100,000 X2. The Palms is in a dicey neighborhood as well. The view is good but not all that great. I love the view of office warehouse roofs. No, this room is an emperor that has no clothes. Whomever rents this room is waiting money. Motel 6 would be more interesting.

  27. Kinda ugly. Not luxury, but insanity. Nothing warm or inviting about it.

  28. How the fuck is this room expensive than burjs royal suite?

  29. “The rich make terrible shit for other rich people” -obama balls

  30. A room that is empty of guests probably most of the time…

  31. Neat…i can stay there after not consuming anything for 3 years

  32. I could live off luxuriously with 100k dollars for 5+ years.
    Man, mustve been nice wasting money in this drugstore looking hotel with nothing particularly striking.

  33. This room featured here speaks to mind control through drug abuse. MK Ultra is a real thing.

  34. This room is absolutely awful. I wouldnt stay there for $50.00/night. Seriously. Thats the worst decorations ever. Even the furniture is awful. Thats the most uncomfortable looking couch. The chairs are all awful. The televisions even manage to somehow look like TVs from the late 90s early 2000s…like early flat screens. Having literal garbage under the bar is awful. Its all so visually unappealing that I would feel stressed staying there.

  35. Its an amazing cool room, but I dont get the pills and medical waste inside the bar. Wierd.

  36. My question is how many drugs were the owners of the Palms Casino on when they thought this tacky, dimestore crap artists designs were ART?

  37. That is the second most expensive hotel in the world the first expensive hotel in the world is in Texas and it cost $250,000 a night

  38. good review but the room itself is pretty meh….the art is unaspiring and for 100k…other than the pool overlooking convention center rooftops…Id want some crazy sht that only big money can buy…not just sitting areas. wheres the bowling ally? wheres the golf simulator? wheres the massage char? wheres rotating bed?…the gold plated tiger cage?…the funky stripper pole? Ive stayed in Florida vacation rentals with better themes and more amenities than this…again…good review tho.

  39. Illuminati/MK Ultra Theme….yuck 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  40. The pre-renovation look was better like a real playboy suite, now even the bed looks normal

  41. When you let a crazy artist design your 100000k a night hotel room…

  42. Who would pay 100k for one night. You could do so much other stuff.

  43. I wouldnt stay for free. This room is truly nauseating.

  44. The Master bathroom and massage room combined is as big as a normal hotel sweet

  45. That´s one ugly hotel room, the artist could´ve avoided those ¨touches¨, takes away all the glamour and good taste, not digging it, if I wanted to stay there and spend 100k a night, I will get that shit redecorated or at least take all the so called shitty ¨art pieces¨ to sell idk to first Friday downtown.

  46. It’s been said a lot but I gotta get it out. Those polka dots are HORRID. WTF was everyone thinking with that clown show nonsense?????

    1. @Food is life what country u livin in? I gotta move there

    2. I know right. I dont really see why its so expensive ! I can literally buy an ACTUAL house with 100k. Not a house, but a mansion ! (In my country)

  47. Im very particular about my hotel room myself. Does it have a bed? Ok Ill take it.

  48. Such nonsense , for such money, ugly boring, ugly boring

  49. Got
    a feeling that this place is evil 🤔 not sure about this, Peado hotel thats it

  50. So how many people so far have booked into this room? I am guessing not many or the hotel is lying.

  51. It’s so expensive because Damien hirst’s art is worth a lot of money. This room while not visually appealing is commentary on Vegas and the excess of materialistic things and waste and drug use. It seems counterintuitive that you need $200,000 to see it tho. I think only people who are fans of his art would really appreciate it.

    1. The art has about as much depth as a puddle. Thats not some sort of mind-blowing artistic show. Its pretty boring actually.

  52. Nothing special. I prefer tent by the river in the forest. Horrible inside and view… the view is disgusting.

  53. It’s absolutely horrendous! What were the designers thinking? Butterflies and Medical waste? Formaldehyde sharks? I’ve never been so offended in my life.

  54. I have been in better hotels that cost a whole lot less than paying 100k to stay a night at that dumpster fire hotel.

  55. five minutes in and i gotta say, I wouldnt stay in this room even if i were Jeff Bezos.

  56. Him saying Vis to a construction work rlly hits different ngl

  57. I dont get all the negativity, Id stay there for 100k a night. Its just a couple of nights, and just imagine how much I could get for that kind if money afterwards.

  58. The theming for this is… disturbed, to say the least.

  59. The pills wall… You dont have to develop projects if youve taken too many pills… But if they did, there will also be some donkey willing to spend 100k per night to get a drink looking at someones used underpants. Oh guys, come on…

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