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    1. @Ekwish Reacts bro so buy a SSD for your device then it will not stuck I have also added SSD in my device and I play rdr2 on ultra without any issue

    2. Well, to be an unplayable game, it is one of the video games with more playable possibilities, mechanics, configuration options and things to do, no game in this video surpasses it in this sense; nor in almost any.

      And if you have to wait a relatively long period of time for it to load, it is precisely because it has to load many more things than other video games; it is a reflection of its content and its quality: good things take time to be done.

  1. no – sorry, but these are certainly not the games I am looking for. Why would I want to go through a world killing everybody ?

  2. U dont even have the slightest idea dude..most of the games u mentioned looks shit compared to…

    RDR 2
    Ghost of tsushima
    Horizon zero dawn
    Uncharted 4
    God of war(2018)
    Spiderman (2018)
    Final fantasy 7 remake

    1. Most of the Games you named are not available for PC, This is only for PC Games. Also I agree RDR 2 is better then all of the games on my list, My plan is too make a separate video on it!

  3. Shall change it to most realistic game play instead of graphic. There are some new gen like AC Valhalla and Red dead not included here.

    1. Ill definitely include those and many more new games in PART 2

  4. lol what ??

    The list is good but doesnt include some of the best games :
    AC Odyssey,
    AC Origins,
    AC Valhalla,
    Horizon Zero Dawn,
    Red Dead Redemption 2,
    Metro Exodus,
    Witcher 3,
    Hunt: Showdown,
    Project CARS 2,
    Arma 3,
    Star Wars Battlefront II,
    Crysis 3,
    Microsoft Flight Simulator

  5. How did you put payback but not nfs heat? The game looks gorgeous on ultra

  6. where and how can we get these games bro..
    any suggestions??
    amazing games <3

    1. @Rizan Maharzan if u have best graphics card it will

    2. @Spot-On Entertainment Does it work on intel corei3

  7. hey you missed gta 5 its a realistic graphics pc game search on google make part 2 if

  8. Will you consider rtx 3050 as high spec pc

  9. Pls suggest me a game that can run in 30+ fps in my device
    Processor-AMD A6 9225
    Graphics- Radeon A4
    Windows 10

    1. Saints Row 3, Far Cry 3, Call of duty modern warfare 2


  11. Hi,I just recently bought a pc.will they run on a i5-10400F and 3060 rtx?

    1. Yes, they might work on medium graphic settings

  12. nice games, try in this website they can give you specs that can run those games EasyPC Website

  13. Rise son of rome graphics was way ahead of its time.

    1. Some of these would play smoothly with mid graphic settings, How much RAM do u have?

  14. In story …Tomb Raider series is best 👌👌

  15. how is lara croft realistic??? dude you need to use a dictionary… tomb raider is pure fantasy… actually at least half of the games listed have almost nothing to do with any kind of reality or realism, so the list is complete BS

    1. @Spot-On Entertainment then write the title good looking games, i just say that realistic means something, far cry 2, 3 and 4 have realistic worlds (and graphics) ok colors are exaggerated, but nothing in it that cant be reproduced in real life… ghost recon wildlands is another example, so are battlefields, gta, assasins creeds (at least some of them) and so on, but there are games that are pure fantasy, and several are on the list, i just want for words to have some meaning, cause otherwise we are all lost in our own personal worlds and this planet of ours is more and more starting to look like that (planet of lost zombies) but i digress… btw thanks for the video, at least i,ve seen some titles that could be interesting to play, cause, to be honest, in last 7 years there are literally 2 or 3 games that i can play, the rest is boring as hell, at least to my generation

    2. @Doc Lex The point of my video was too show Games with realistic looking graphics. Other then that Game being realistic or not, is not what Im covering in this video. Some can be realistic some can be not, BUT ALL ARE GREAT LOOKING GAMES (Thats what Im trying to show) Even I dont want games to feel realistic all the time, especially titles like TOMB RAIDER or FAR CRY. Theyre obviously gonna be over the top action games.

    3. @Spot-On Entertainment i understood the title perfectly, and still i am standing behind what i said… and again you are wrong, cause some games from the video are spot on realistic (such as driving games, and several others)

    4. The title says REALISTIC in GRAPHICS, Offcourse none of these games are close to reality or realism. They just look the most realistic in terms of Graphics

  16. How many of these can be played on a system having i7 10 Gen
    P. S the system already has sleeping dogs and metal gear along with far cry 3 also world War z also ruse son of rome

    1. Rise of tomb raider, NFS Payback, Dying Light, JC 3

    1. lenovo legion 5 its about 800 to 1000 dollars depending on your budget

  17. And shadow of the tomb raider at first it looks like interesting to play but in the end its a little bit boring and not a lot of thrill.

    1. RDR 2 is Perfection, Ive planned that for another video. I just didnt wanted to show 20sec of its Gameplay here because theres so much to show and talk about.

  18. If you put video on realistic the first one you must add is rdr2

  19. altought cyberpunk has bugs but it has the best graphics and also microsoft flight simulator and red dead redemption 2 wouldve been in this list

  20. Im juat gonna get an Acer Nitro rtx 3060 laptop soon, and this was a good reference of what I could play for my youtube channel. Thank you.

  21. you somewhat mistaken terms realistic and good looking.

  22. I know why rdr2 i s not on the list rdr2 needs a high storage than the ghost of the tomb raider but talking all the games and basing in size of the storage rdr2 had a better graphics and details morethan to shadow of the tomb raider or witcher3 or other games.

  23. Where the fuck is Witcher 3?!! Also rdr2!!!! Giving dislike

    1. RDR2 IS PERFECTION, Ive planned a seperate video for it in the future

  24. who needs reality in video games??? i personally think that realism fucked up all video games in last 7 years

  25. Bro these are amazing but you forgot to add Ghost of Tsushima

    1. @Mohib Mahboob ohh ya ya bro remember sorry my fault 😌

    2. Sir Its PC Games And Ghost of Tsushima is not available for PC But u Can Play It On PS5

    1. Usspar toh ek puri video banau shayad. Its a MASTERPIECE

  26. Ive played these games on med-high settings at 60fps and you saying them high end??

  27. can I play these games on i5 3rd generation, Graphic card: AMD Radeon HD 7500, 4gb Ram

    1. They would lag a lot. You should upgrade your Graphics and RAM

  28. Very Good Really Appreciate… best of luck
    love and respect from saudi arabia

  29. If im the maker of this video i will rate shadow of the tomb raider maybe 5 or 4

    1. @Carlo Hudson Thats a great game too, too bad its PS Exclusive

  30. Why there is no Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Metro exodus in the list?

  31. Every all games here on this video is had a poor details and with a little bit poor graphics for me

  32. An incomplete list. Days Gone among many others missing for top 100 best realistic.

    1. @Michael Tsang DM me on Instagram, Ill help you with it

    2. @Spot-On Entertainment how can i download these games?

    3. I played Days Gone later and Hence added it to Best OPEN WORLD Games.

  33. Dying Light… still holds, six years later… such a gorgeous game.
    But um………….. where are Rockstar Games, again ? GTA V and RDRII ? No ? Nothing ? ^^;

  34. Red dead redemption 2 and Mgs v phantom pain not on this list ??? Are you serious ????

  35. Actually u can play all of this game on low end pc at 720p
    Control, Metro exodus, cod mw,nfs heat,assassin creed (origins,odesy,val),red dead 2 and there anr many games

  36. This video is damn bad its a trash very uniformative.

  37. This is great but 2 games missing, Mercenaries 2 and Just cause 4. Still love playing Just Cause 4

  38. The 2015 tomb raider still struggled by the modern budget cards

  39. 5:shado of the tomb raider
    4:AC syndicate
    3:gta 5
    2:call of duty cold war

    1. Its a MASTERPIECE, Ive been wanting to make an entire video in it!

    1. Yes, I agreed but as he said above this is only for PC Games

    2. @goDlike GT sorry my guy but still 1 of the best games out there

  40. world war z? realistic graphics?? cmon man….wheres witcher 3, rdr2, sleeping dogs

  41. shadow of tomb rider is HOTEST mode Lara , the body is very mature

  42. Where are GTA 5 and RDR II? RDR II is still today the game with the best graphics and technology in general, being the most detailed game ever. And remember that it is set in a dynamic world with a day / night cycle, meteorological and climatic changes (which are impressive), with a great diversity of ecosystems very rich in detail and with more than 300,000 in-game animations. And better not to talk about their physics and everything related to sound.

    Making a video like this and forgetting about RDR II is to throw stones at you for a fool.

    1. And how many of those games have so many designs or variety of appearances for their characters? In RDR II each member of the gang varies in clothing and physical appearance throughout the game. How many of those games have volumetric and dynamic clouds and rays of light? How many show so much visual detail on screen? Only the detailed items in Valantines store outperform in design and detail (viewing the contents of a can of tomatoes when consumed in first person). You have no fucking idea of graphics.

    2. RDR II is also the most asset of graphic elements it has. While RE 3 Remake or The Witcher 3 show the documents and most objects in 2d, RDR II does it by showing a detailed 3d object with many options to examine it in real time, you have to take these things into account when you talk about graphics. You also have to take into account the decorative variety, for example in RE 2 Remake and Tomb Raider many decorative elements are repeated without even changing the props. It is incredible that in a game as linear and small in size as the RE remakes there is so little decorative variety and floating objects here and there and with worse textures than an open world game.

  43. Pls suggest me a game that can run in 30+ fps in my device
    Processor-AMD A6 9225
    Graphics- Radeon A4
    Windows 10

  44. How to get these amazing games and requisite pc configuration if that can be shared. Thanks. any help is highly appreciated.

    1. @Spot-On Entertainment awesome. Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it.

    2. AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (8GB RAM)
      You can find most of the games in this list on Steam

  45. no crysis, RDR 2, death stranding? watch dogs 2 graphic is good, but not realistic

    1. RDR 2 is Perfection, Ive planned that for another video

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