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  1. are the blue chips 1 dollar? the one you use to protect your cards

  2. This is a super awesome vlog about jalapeno pretzel dogs

  3. its hard enough to get one flush, but 4 flushes from each suit? Come on Troop….thats near impossible. not say anything bad, just saying that its its hard enough to hit one flush. ☺

  4. First time watching this channel, most of the vid was about food, what little poker play was included was hands being folded. Not a single hand fully analysed, very disappointed, sorry pal, but just saying it as I see it

  5. Never understood how ppl shamelessly record stuff like this

  6. Trooper, Im a big fan. I love the idea of watching hands as they happen and your commentarry! Anyway, on to why I am posting. I recently had a stroke and am slowly recovering. I am really lucky that I will make a recovery at all, considering the condition of most of the patients I saw.. I cant work right now and the bills are massive. My friend started a Go Fund Me account. I hope it is ok that I post the link. If not please remove it and not me! Thank you

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  8. Wtf he just show us one hand only.. other part were rubbish

  9. Pretzel dog for breakfast ? Dude start taking vitamins everyday if you arent already . At the least take a multivitamin . The food most Americans eat has dam near no nutritional value .

  10. Like your videos trooper. Keep them coming. I hope you keep running well.

  11. Talks about food at New York New York, and doesnt mention Toms Urban. For shame, Trooper. For shame!

  12. Is there casinos in turkey ? Please any one know?and If I want to play at any hotel casino I have to book room in hotel or I can play without book room ?

  13. I’d just like to let you know that you’re sitting at my seat.

  14. So surprised to see this guy isnt crushing 50/100 by now

  15. Hi. What are the lowest blinds to play in Las Vegas for No Limit Texas Holdem? In advance, thank you.

  16. mgm grand is a great poker room. the only time I ever v went to Vegas is started at a 1/2 nl table with 250 and left on the second day with 4400. I made it to the 5/10 which had a 1000 buy in. I built my stack up to 1750 and hit the but flush when two other v players went all in. The board never paired and my Ad6d won me around 4700. I told myself I should leave so I stayed 4 more hands and guess what? I pick up AsKd in the BB and decide to see what happens. Seat 5 raises to 100 and seat 6 reraises to 250. I flat call and so does the original raiser at seat 5. flop comes J72 rainbow. seat 5 goes all in and seat 6 calls. I fold. they show QQ & KK respectively. turn is 8 and river comes the Ace :-(. I would have won 12,000. but hey… I was still happy.. I got up and chilled the rest of the trip. great poker room and nice casino!

  17. What’s the name of the background music at the start? Anyone know?

  18. 1:20 — When people ask my opinion on just about anything…

  19. wat up? good video! Vegas life, Trooper style baby! keep it up bro!

  20. @TheTrooper97Vlog Any chance you can post a video of how you do your chip flick and chip drop? (idk what its called just looks cool AF) around 9:53

  21. Def not what I expected but still entertaining. Subscribed

  22. Accidentally stumbled upon your video and it’s entertaining earned a sub

  23. You have a tell at 10:35, you made your stack look neat while youre bluffing. Classic tell from the books. Not meaning to be overly critical, just think its interesting.

  24. I will never understand when and how much to tip the dealer.

  25. Watching some of ur old videos again! Just seen that FUCKFACE LOWLIFE Pokerkraut pretending to be ur friend! Watching that FAKE FUCKER eat with chopsticks like a ASSHOLE! anyone that eats with 2sticks instead of using a fork shows what a DUMBASS they really are! They think it makes them look smarter but in all actuality it shows how STUPID THEY ARE!!!

  26. A hoody, baseball hat and T-shirt? Glad you could dress up tourist.

  27. Gotta get back to the 2016 Trooper where he was putting in work and excited for poker!

  28. I play WSOP on my phone and I dont know how to play it

  29. You know Trooper, when I think about Vegas, I think of you and I watch your video. Thank you Trooper to share your experience with us. Love you bro. Greeting frome France.

  30. You complain about being unhealthy but all you do is eat garbage all day… Go play poker man thats why we watch

  31. Are we gonna forget that he folded a strait flush draw….? 9,10 Clubs

  32. This is a poker vlog? All you did was record folds.

    1. He doesnt wanna show how he plays like shit most of the time.

  33. This isnt a poker vlog. Its his daily vlog, and he plays poker a bit….figure it out, dont like it….you know what to do…

  34. +1324 !!!NICE TROOP !!! Well done and that.s is a Hit Man Job!!!Nice bluff with AK…!!!

  35. I used to play all the Holdem Tournaments in Vegas. I became quite good at it, even made a name for myself. Next month theyre flying a couple of us old-timers down, comping the entrance fees. The game is being marketed now.They need celebrity gamblers. Like everything else, they wanna pretend its the way it used to be.

  36. *Yeah they are some pricks for that, my local casino highers there food & room prices every weekend just to milk that extra buck*

  37. hey Everyone checkout my tv shows im doing strictly comedy~CHECKOUT my videos subscribe to my channel tell your friends too!

  38. Lookin for poker hands not a guy morning stroll eatin and fartin with no where to go. 👉🏼 👎🏽 👈🏽

  39. wanting an Ultimate Breakfast sandwich showed you were thinking well right out of the box.

  40. When I was 14, i tried taking photos in a casino on a cruise ship b4, the guard saw me and asked me to delete the photo or video or quote the captain would throw me off the ship and then he started laughing. And told me I could keep the photos since no one was playing at 6 in the morning. idk why they dont let us film tho..

  41. I was waiting to see a 10k pot at the least, sure you consider that a big win?
    You arent bad or anything, but big is misleading.

  42. 12:11 He got stopped by police because he was filming

  43. going to casino today tomorrow and sunday to win another $4,500!! Casinos take all goodness out of a community therefore I have to continue to take their loot!!

    Consistent Winner

  44. Love your Vlog, the Vegas scene, the poker play and oh yes, the eats!

  45. The important part i need to know is how much money do i need mininum to play?

  46. Bought in for 60 at the pepper mill 5 to 3 bets and in 4 hours had 1090! Cashed out and went home happy as shit! Also bought 2 dollars in keeno 1st time playing ever at mels burgers in boomtown just before reno and hit 4 out of 5 numbers! And won 96 dollar

  47. The Hotdog pretzel looked awesome, gotta try that in my next visit, 60 days and counting.

  48. Quite possibly the worst “poker” video on YouTube.

  49. I dont like them joints too many people know whats going on

  50. Hey I don’t play poker for money I play poker for fun!

  51. 3400 years ago called, they want to explain market demand and pricing.

  52. I thought that was class. Cheers man. Little slice of Vegas that Ill probs never see with my own eyes.

  53. Complaining about a 50 cent hike in coffee .. after winning 1200$

  54. This is the best thing Ive come across in a while. Thanks Trooper!

  55. Whats the name of the background music you used while you were playing?

  56. Whats the name of the song playing throughout the video?

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