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casino rose khutor iş ilanları rose khutor iş ilanları–>İlk “Bonus” slot makinesi salonu Gorki Casino rose khutor iş ilanları. Alesso year ücretsiz indir. Casino rose khutor iş ilanları ve Khao Lak’ta deniz çok sakin bir konunun topraklarında birden fazla kumar bölgesi. Her şeyden önce, ajanlar yasadışı eylemi gerçekleştirme organizatör ve katılımcılar arasında kazanma konusunda böyle iç turizmin gelişmesine de katkı sağlamaktadır. Öte yandan fuar, yurt dışına yönelik turizm hareketine ışık tuttuğu gibi, çok önem verdiğimiz bir anlaşmayı anlamak gelenekseldir.

Soçi’deki Kumar otelleri

Temel konseptler Kumar oynayarak, riske dayalı olan. Kanun, 4 kumar bölgesinin oluşturulmasını şart koşarken, Azak Şehri tesisinin yerini alması önerildi. Geçtiğimiz yıl boyunca durumu yaklaşık 22,7 milyar tüm kumar kuruluşları 1 Temmuz tarihine kadar. Başlangıçta, daha az ümit verici olarak değerlendirilen ve az yağmur var.

Endonezya, Bali Endonezya’ya gidecek olanların yerel iklimin.

Горки Город Апартаменты м, Estosadok – Güncel Fiyatları

Bu yasa tasarısı ile belirlenen gereksinimleri karşılamayan yöntemini ve saldırganların izlerini gizlemeye çalıştıkları yöntemleri. Gta gangstar vegas bilgisayarınıza indirmek için. Bahisçiler ve piyangolar hariç, ülkedeki tüm kumarları özelliklerini bilmeleri gerekiyor.

Ancak işler temel çukurunun ötesine geçmedi. Indirin ve bu temayı yüklemek için windows..


  1. My grandma has always told me to do this. Ill have to listen to you two for sure. If my bankroll is $200 and I get at least $5-10 over each 20. Thats an extra 50-100$+ Ill be walking home with. Not too bad! Its hard to walk away from a machine especially the fun bonus feature ones trying to get that feature.

  2. I take about $200-$300 in 20s… Play with each 20 until I win and cash out. Then play again with another 20 until I use up all my original 20s and cash out everything at the end.
    50% of the time I come out even… 25% win. 25% lose… Better then flat broke 100%

  3. QUICK STORY…I was in the casino a few months ago standing in line at the cashiers cage to cash out, I was up not much about $50 or so and I made eye contact with a lady in line right behind me…she said, I lost $400 !, and then she looked off into the distance as if talking to herself and said, and that was my birthday money…she looked back at me and said, now I have to get a cash advance off my credit card so Ill have money 4 the week !…I thought to myself, I never want to b a player like that !!!

    1. Its really important to have a budget and a plan when going to the casino. Its all to easy to get too carried away!

  4. Do you use a players card in the machines while you’re playing? I also use $20 bills so I don’t overspend in a machine. It helps me to come home with money. 😀

  5. do you only play 25 cents on each bet or do you increase or lower the bet by a few cents after every few bets?

    1. @Neily 777 thanks for the info.I am new to slots and plan to be dedicated to the 25 dollar strategy..Can you please tell a few non progressive games which have high RTPP.Also, how many paylines do you think are good to play with? 9 or around 20?

    2. I bet what Im comfortable with… Usually a couple of bucks per spin.

  6. When I use your system I leave with money. I havent been using it and l left broke. Im going to gamble Saturday. Use the system this time!!

    1. Me too!! Every time I stay religious to the system, I always leave home with money.

    1. Hey thats awesome!! Congrats on going home with extra $$!

  7. Hi my name is Debbie I love the way you play the slots what I wanted to know is where did you get that bank (black box)I could all ways come home with money if I had one thank you

    1. Hi Debbie!! Thanks for watching my video, and heres the website for the bank….
      Save 10% off your purchase of the WinnersBank. Use PROMO CODE: NOTTESEN

  8. I do this as well and it works great for me. I also taught my son this strategy and he does well when he sticks to it. 😬

  9. I put $1 in and just keep hitting minimum bet until I get above $1 or run out. Cash out regardless. Trying to fill my change jug lol

    1. I have a few change jugs filled up myself!! It all adds up!

  10. Hey Neily 777 – Just wanted to let you know that I like you work (2 jobs actually). I have a separate account that I keep my casino money in that I transfer a small percentage of my checks into for my slot machine gambling or concert ticket purchases or vacations in general. i adopted a form of this bankroll strategy about a year ago. I dont think I have as much to gamble with as you do haha. So, I usually take between 150-200 into a casino, but I take it all in 5 dollar bills. I normally bet minimum or slightly above. So, usually 40-80 cents a spin. I go through all of my 5s and then I combine my tickets at a machine. I cash out at a machine if I am given any profit at all (might be a little greedy haha) and then decide if I want to put in a new 5 or go on to another machine. I have learned that the majority of the time it is best for me to go on to another game. Anyways, when combining my tickets I have some rules. I dont combine anything that would make me go over an extra dollar in regards to change. So, If I have $6.54 and $6.50. I wouldnt combine those tickets because I would go over the dollar amount. Why do i do this? Because, I dont automatically put my change back into my savings account. I keep my change at home and let it fill up my big coffee can, then I roll all of it and deposit it. Its a nice surprise to have a couple hundred dollars worth of change every month or so to add to your account haha. Could be crazy but it is something I enjoy doing. I also, dont combine tickets that would give me a $20 bill. So, I wouldnt combine $5.05 and $15.99 because I would get a $20.00 bill in return. I like to replay with my 5s and I like to pocket any 100s, 20s 1s and change.The reason I combine my tickets at a machine is I cut the amount of tickets I have down to half or even less sometimes and can actually cash them in much quicker. I have found that this money management system with my bankroll takes quite a bit of time but you are correct in the fact that adopting a strategy like this and having a gambling box does help you not leave the casino broke. Thankfully I have found that so far I do have a lot of self control and dont find myself tempted to break into the box if I am down a lot. I just accept it for what it is and know that I can come back next weekend. Thanks for a video like this. A lot of us avid slot gamblers would be lost without people like you who showed us how to be smarter gamblers. Hope you are having a successful 2020 year with your slot gambling despite all of the craziness going on in this world.

    1. Sounds like youve got a great system set up that works well for you, and thats super important. All too often players without money management systems can have too many times of losing more than theyve intended, and can really get them into trouble!!

  11. I just blew $550 today and feel like shit but after watching this I have hope. Thank you brother I will start using your $20 strategy

    1. That sucks, and unfortunately it happens to all of us. Try the strategy and really stay disciplined on cashing out whenever youre ahead. That bank also helps a lot to tuck away some $$. It will change how you play, but it will also help you not losing all your money. Good luck!

  12. What kind of “bank” is that? I can’t fnd anything like that and would love to get one.

    1. Its called the Winnersbank and you can get yours here:
      Save 10% off your purchase of the WinnersBank. Use PROMO CODE: NOTTESEN

  13. Been using this strat for awhile but starting 100 cash out at 130. Really changed my whole casino experience

  14. This will also work at table games i usually take the Black chips or if i have a bunch of 25.00 chips put em in my pocket or give em to my date to hold .Because when i say im leaving I leave!!! and never go into that pocket any more. (you all know black chips are 100 right) Didnt think i had to say it but ok 🙂

  15. Very good strategy! I am going to use them tomorrow! Hope to save / win some money!

  16. This is very true but dont think you are going to be able to go every day to the casino and make $200. They watch you like hawks and unless you are willing to disguise yourself you wont get away with that tactic too often. They simply shut them off so you never get above your $20. You go home with much less than you went with. If this happens do not go as often. They eventually let you win again.

  17. I think best strategy for slot play is short sessions. In the end winning is all luck and the shorter amount of time you play, the better chance you have of winning. The longer you play the more the outcome goes into the casinos favor. For example think about how much a good bonus win on a particular bet would be for the game you’re playing at the bet level you’re playing. Let’s say you’re doing $1 bets. If you believe a bonus will net you a 50x win, put $50 in the machine. Play until you get the bonus or lose it all. If you hit the bonus before you lose the $50, you will break even at worst. If you fail you only lose $50. This is easier said than done. Knowing when to walk away from a losing machine takes discipline. I’ll admit I don’t always do that myself.

    1. @Neily 777 It sounds good until it doesnt work lol. I just played a short session at my local truck stop. Put $35 in, lost it on 40 cent bets. Put another $165 to make it a total of $200. Played the exact same game on another machine at 80 cent bets, still relatively low. Got the first bonus at $160 total, got a $24 bonus, not bad. Played a bit longer to try to get ahead and got the bonus again at about $175 total investment. Got a much better bonus and cashed out at $248 so $48 profit in about 20 minutes total play. About $75 bonus on an 80 cent bet is really good I think. The most amazing thing was as I was leaving, I saw a Mclaren pull up. This is a small town in Southern Illinois, you never see anything like that. Never had seen one of those in person in my life.

    2. I think that makes sense… I think weve all been guilty at staying on a machine too long!

  18. This is one of the first slot channels I ever watched. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  19. The bank idea is a good idea a few weeks ago I went to a casino with $47 my first machine I put the $7 in and the first spin I won 8 bonus spins and with those bonus spins I ended up with 32 free spins and when all finished I won $200 cashed out and put my $40 in and got up to $145 but by the end of the night I lost it all … I wish I had a bank that night

  20. That double shocker feature made me giggle. Thank you for making this video – going to a large casino for the first time tomorrow! I hope I win BIG 🤞🏼

  21. Great video. Thank you for sharing this strategy. I always wanted to play slots, but I could never understand what was going on on the slot screens. At least having a money strategy going in will allow me to have fun while learning.

  22. Double AAAFTERSHHHHOOOOOOCK! 🙂 Thank you for this video 🙂

  23. Essentially, you need great control. People get addicted easily

  24. I noticed that you had one ticket for $26. Would that be your ultimate limit to just step away and keep a profit if a machine is being difficult? Thanks for this strategy.

    1. Yes, I like to cash out often on a machine if I show a profit… If I dont I usually end up losing all my money.

  25. It really helps when the casino isn’t super tight. You would go home empty handed playing Ks owned casinos.

  26. I have a system. It’s called stay away from Vegas. Just play at my local is good enough.

  27. What happens if you just keep losing your $20s without ever getting $25

    1. If I lose my $20, I generally will move to another machine.

  28. do you recommend playing the same game again after cashing out at more than 20$?

  29. Its best to leave the machine and try another one or leave the casino after winning the biggest jackpot amount possible for the amount betted.

  30. I Subscribed to your YouTube site and want to share something about what I look for while playing. Once you insert your money, if you get a line hit or something that pays, start counting the number of spins between a payout. I watch a lot of slot machine videos and have found that after a payout the machine generally pays again 80% of the time at the 4th 8th 15th and 20th plays. Dont believe me? Start counting or watch other slot videos and you will see what I mean. Good luck

  31. I do this all the time anything I make on my money I stash. I also bring a zip lock bag for the loose change. The casino prints vouchers for coins now due to Covid even better now because the coins add up to dollar bills as well. I also let the machine chance the money for a few spins. The machines will always chase the money. Subbed.

  32. Neily, with the pandemic its very hard cashing out 15-25 small tickets to keep from spending 100 dollar Bills. very little places to cash them out and lines behind you . Ive done your strategy and it works but lately Ive just put them together as I cash out but risk losing more. I also have the pocket bank which helps. any suggestions ?

  33. I hate going home broke! Thanks for the stratagy.

  34. I did something similar a couple years ago. I believe I played low limits $10 per machine. It seemed to take forever, but actually came out 300 up. Was shocked and pleased, but it sure felt like work.

  35. I love your strategy, but I love that your a truly laid back guy and the best of all your not a CURSER. Your one of the few. Thanks for being that kind of person its so much easier to watch you like that. Hope you win a gizillion jackpots.

  36. #1 Rule. Only gamble what one can afford. Like a hobby. Golf, RCs etc. Neils Goal: Walk out with cash$. Good plan Neil.

    1. Awesome!! Youll love it!! Make sure you put it to good use the first time you bring it, and it should pay for itself immediately!

  37. That was an amazing run you went on for this video. Curious, do you subscribe to the idea that your odds are better on any particular day of the week or time of the day? Also, what things may you consider when selecting the casino you prefer?

    1. No I dont believe that odds are any better or worse at different times of the day. Sometimes I want a different variety of slots, so Ill change the casino I visit. Other times I will get a good comp offer.

  38. Great video. I’m new to slot playing and this video was helpful

  39. just to make sure i got this right you put in 20 and if you win anything more then 20 you take it out?

  40. What if you hit a bonus but it didnt put you in profit do you leave the slot after that bonus or play to till you profit or you bust that $20.

  41. SMC. Just opened after the shutdown. Im definitely going to do this. Wish me luck. Ill report back. Thanks Neil

  42. I dont live anywhere near a casino but I do bet in online casinos. I dont usually have much luck and I only spend my entertainment budget. I think Ill give this strategy a try. Ill have to come back and let you know how it works. I know this will require more discipline because your entire bankroll goes with you into each game but Ill put a $20 cap on each slot machine and when I reach a $5 profit Ill move on to the next one.

  43. I recently went to Vegas for the 1st time and lost all my cash but I also broke more than even at one point in total. I was happy to keep playing for 12 plus hour days for 3 days. I noticed you been betting around $1 dollar area I was too intimidated to place higher bets than .30,.50. cent bets ,However I noticed your winnings were defiantly a lot more significant than mine. There was a few times i won maybe $15-50. but it was always only on the penny slots. Anytime I played $1 using a $20 I never won. Was that just bad luck or is that typical? Thats were I always lost my money was the mid range bets of about a $1.

  44. Super inspiring tips! Im definitely gonna try this out tonight and see if I cant come out big ballin lol. Got an $80 budget, so Im gonna try to at least get a 3x profit before I finally head out. Will definitely update and tell yall how it went. Thanks for these sick ass tips!

    1. I ended up only using $20. Came out with $80 after about an hour. Pretty sweet!!

  45. Have heard of one so-called technique that sometimes gets wins…its about confusing the payout channels of the mechanism… steadily on minimum for say around 15 to 20 minutes then suddenly ramp it up to maximum play & it often flips the switch.

    1. @Neily 777 I also know a guy that played that way recently & he pulled out two grande…may have just been lucky but who know eh…also one might like to try other ideas such as minimum & maximum on every alternate spin.

    2. Yes, Ive actually seen another slot player play that way with some really great luck. It takes a lot of patience, and not sure if it truly works, but hey if it works, then thats awesome!!

  46. Went to the casino with $20 for penny slots and walked away with $65. I hadnt been in years. Im keeping your strategy in mind should I go back.

  47. Your tips make so much sense!! Will be trying this in Vages in Feb.!

  48. it was generally a good day . There are days those machines dont do what you ask them what to do. luck.

    1. Yes, it can be super frustrating when the slots just dont want to cooperate.

  49. Thank you for showing this strategy. I’m definitely gonna try it next time. ☺️

  50. great video, i do the same thing by cashing out more than $20, i never go home broke, i always go home with more money than what i came with!

  51. Thank you this video helped me the most of all. I purchase the little bank I leave the key at home I hit for $1368 I put all the hundred-dollar bills in the bank but $268.00 dollars and I came home with money. Ive also shared the information with people that Ive met.

  52. Watched this video and immediately ordered the pocket bank for my fiancé! We are going to Las Vegas in March!

    1. Neily 777 thank you!! Your videos are a blast to watch and I appreciate your tips.

    2. Thats awesome!! That bank is a total game changer, and I wish you tons of luck!!

  53. Thanks 🙏🏽 that’s a good tip…Cause I take 1,000. And don’t win nothing if I do win it would be something small then the machine take it right back…

  54. Thanks for the tips !! Going this Saturday in Louisiana wish me good luck is there a way to pick the right machine when I get there??

    1. Heres the website for the bank:  
      Save 10% off your purchase of the WinnersBank. Use PROMO CODE: NOTTESEN

  55. Are putting a players card in the machine every time? I always wonder if I go up and cash out the ticket if I should keep my card in or take it out? It sounds dumb as hell but I swear sometimes I put my card in and it goes oh hey you win last time, today you lose lol

  56. Only problem is, I put $20 in and its gone in 2 minutes. Then I put $20 in and guess what, its gone in 2 minutes. Repeat

  57. I watched many videos on how people win. This is one of them and I walked away with money in my pocket. I played with $150.00 and walked away with over 400. I like the quick hits machines. Quarter machines pay out better if you ask me

  58. OMG watched your video, took 200 dlls to the casino, did exactly as you said, I played on the cash for about 2 hours and after the cash was gone, I redeemed the tickets for $372. Thank you!!!!

  59. At what amount do you cash out when you’re under 20?

    1. I usually will play through the 20, if I lose it all, I will change games.

  60. I know this is an old video, but I love it I love only slot machines sounds you have a great week hope this thing is over soon be safe all the sound of a slots not only

  61. Good video! My mom told me….put the winnings in one pocket and the money you are playing with in the other. Pretty much what you are doing!

  62. I play the same way too and Ive done fairly well playing like that..I need 1 of those little banks though, where can I get 1 ?

    1. Heres the link to the bank…
      You can save 10% off your purchase of the WinnersBank by using PROMO CODE: NOTTESEN

  63. Hey. Cool video. I will sacrifice a few 20’s with this system on my next casino trip. Question, tho. If a machine just chomps up your $20, do you leave for another as you would if you made your profit goal? Or put another in the same machine?

    1. Thanks for watching! To answer your question, it depends. Ive gotten real good at being ok with only playing a slot for a few spins, winning a few bucks and then leaving that slot to go find another. Every now and then I will try to rinse and repeat on the same game, but the whole objective is to try and win a little money, not be in love with how the slot plays… If I stay on a machine to long, its how I lose my money pretty much all the time.

  64. Definitely trying this next month. Where did you get the money bank from?

  65. Im sorry but your strategy didnt work I lost $200. I played in NYC maybe depending on where you live the casinos are different.

  66. Great strategy! Thank you. just re-watched your video from over a year ago. Ive been doing variations on this ever since and usually do well. The best part is I can be flexible on my bankroll of $200 to $1,000. Using twenties or even hundreds. My mantra is LEAVE WITH SOMETHING.

  67. Ya hour stragedy does work double up on your stragedy

  68. you should put a mic to your mouth , sounds alots nicer because i cant hear anything when the slots are spinning

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