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  1. Wtf how sannadress is not friend of Thanos its not funny

  2. Those morons is no Grove street!
    Thanos is not Grove Street!
    1:43 these fool is not Tenpenny.
    In my opinion, bad.


  4. LoL Thor is chilling meanwhile others is disappearing 🤣🤣

  5. well grove street wins!! how the fucking hell did the avengers lose in that? yeah that means avengers wins!!! because THE GROVE STREET DID NOT REALLY WON BUT THEY CALLED THANOS FOR HELP!! HELP!! JUST HELP!! WHY HELP MEANS AVENGERS WINS AND MIHTYRACCON NOW IT IS 11K DISLIKES AND NOW THIS WILL BE 12K DISLIKES.

  6. Everyone in avengers looks serious here than the movies. I prefer this more

  7. Marvel Fan : Uh what are you super powers??

    CJ: Cheats!!

    *Mission Passed*

  8. This looks like it crawled out of the early 2000s. Video game nostalgia.

  9. Thanos and Nick Fury in Grove Street 😂 LOL

  10. We all are fans of Avengers but cmon groove street is our love


    1. You know that Animations are cool and their the best YouTubers and youre channel is boring because no animations

  12. Seeing Thanos dressed in green was fucking hilarious

  13. Since when niggas aquired enough power to jump through buildings 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. What a disgusting video thanos is not from grove and thor is stronger for a tank to crush him and they only use hack and smoke it is faster than flash to put the hack and your was not a battle so epic that we say it was not a fair battle buto The rest is fine bro I like your animations but I know just goodbye

  15. Nobody
    Big Smoke : ohhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh

  16. wtf is this? how tf did I get here? idk what part of YouTube Im on anymore.

  17. Avengers: We have superpowers
    Cj: I have cheat codes

  18. Это конечно все ради шутки, но Сидоджи (как и все главные герои гта) не победил Мстителей (как и других супергероев) страшно было бы представить видео автора, где Сидоджи сражается с аниме-персонажами и побеждает их

  19. They cant fuck with the grove homie they think grove street is a piece of shit homie

  20. Epic seen is when big smoke activate cheat 😂😂😂😂

  21. So finally officer Tenpenny survived and joined Grove st…Don Salvatore wud laff at that shit looool

  22. the funny moment was then, he type a cheat and cj got weapon🤣🤣🤣

  23. T challa aka Black Panther shouldve joined the *Groove Street*

  24. This would be better if Ryder, Sweet and Big Smoke had an updated model like CJ. But I like it no matter what.

  25. When you will release the next part…plzz be quick..❤️❤️

  26. Why the hell would thanos be there and the snap would nearly kill him and the avengers would win with out a doubt

  27. This battle Is good. But i need battle Saints Row 2 VS GTA San Andreas
    Saints Row 4 VS Thanos. I mean this be amazing battle. Please give it To me. 😃

  28. Fuck you
    I dont like it, because avengers are more powerfull

  29. At the end he should of said welcome to san adreas

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