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  1. Idiot folded kings. Could have tripled up. Tried to brag before hand was over.

  2. Funny how the first clip had an ace diamond on the table but on the screen its an ace heart

  3. “He just blew through 10k in 90 seconds. Those are some Paris Hilton numbers” lmao that was hilarious. Dude did get quite unlucky though lol.

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  7. first hand it lists the flush draw as having 0% chance on the turn….why?? the flush would beat the straight….and then the flush hit! why did it list him as 0%

  8. Regardless of what the dealer flipped, that fold on pocket kings by OMahoney was such an insanely good call.

  9. Heres an idea. Let the viewers see the cards, but the commentators not. See how smart they are then.

  10. First hand graphics are wrong
    It’s an ace of diamonds, not hearts

  11. Joe Hachem: Sam really doesnt want to see a Spade here..
    Me: Unless its the 4 of Spades..
    Turn Card: *4 of Spades*
    Me: Lol..
    Joe Hachem: Im terrible at this game..

  12. On the board its the ace of diamonds,but why does it show the ace of hearts

  13. When did poker become a SPORT that it’s on TV?
    People get a LIFE! 👎👎👎👎👎👎🇨🇦

  14. The young kids these days call it Mine Setting lol. …you mean Set Minning?

  15. I love durr, one of the most iconic players of all time, can truly have any two cards at any time.

    Also, the commentator saying that Dwan puts Kagawa on a set or AK, I really think its only a set in his range. AK calls instead of raising and theres no two pair hands that youd be taking a flop with here except MAYBE A4s which there are only 2 combos of. 3 betting the turn polarizes him to a set or nothing. Thats why Dwan felt safe checking the river, he knew he was getting action.

  16. The most amazing hand I ever witnessed was on a limit table. 4 way capped action pre-flop. Flop 965. Capped again; all 4 players in. Turn 5. Capped again. River A. Capped again, everyone calls. First guy flips pocket 66. Next guy 99. Third guy 55 for quads. Last guy flips AA.

  17. Cầu mong mình mãi nghèo ,không thành công trong giới poker😖

  18. Should have stayed in hand with flush draw…Personally i would have played my flush draw

  19. playing against tom dwan is a different kettle of sushi

  20. Первым видео флеш доска не было

  21. Feldman would of won that first hand if he would of stayed in the hand.

  22. Youtube Greatest poker hands of all time and they all include Kallakis loosing in the hand LMFAOOOO

  23. Why would you fold with 2 kings on the flop? Even if you think someone is beating u the odds are 50/50. Im so confused at that one. To top it all off kings would have won the hand.

  24. The guy would have had a flush from the first hand off the river

  25. 运气与实力并存,缺一不可!

  26. “BLINKING!” “japanese man😑”😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  27. How the hell did tom dwan win that with a 3 and a 5 am I going crazy I dont see shit

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  29. Harmans a damn brave woman! two transplants not just one for a genetic condition she shares with her sister and which also took her Mum from her! Shes a damn inspiration!

  30. What are the odds of 5 pocket pairs being dealt in one hand? Insane.

  31. Can anyone explain to me how Feldman had a flush draw on the second hand (which he actually would’ve hit had he stayed in) and yet had 0% chance of winning according to the footage?

  32. 4 clubs 8 hearts ace hearts …..that’s what it says on the tv for the viewers but on the actual table it says 4 clubs 8 hears ace diamonds…. No wonder the 9 10 hearts folded so fast

  33. Feldman has no balls …I would never fold thar hand no matter what

  34. まずSBで35oでなんでプリプロコールできるんだ?

  35. Why was Andrew Feldman at 0% after the turn in the first hand? Wouldnt the Heart on the River have given him a Flush?

  36. Zeidmans slowroll was soooooooo nasty!
    No surprise hes grown into a complete nobody.

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  38. Why is a flush draw 0% when the best hand is a straight?

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  40. When someone raises it to more than you make in a year

  41. A fold with pocket kings is probably the most awesome thing Ive ever seen

  42. These hands are insane. Very surprised they didn’t include the 7777 vs QQQQ hand or quad aces versus royal flush hand.

  43. If I were Andrew Feldman in that first clip, I‘d be malding ngl

  44. doesnt make sense the guy with a flush draw said he had 0 % chance of winning which does nit make any sense
    he would of won the hand

  45. Dwan always completely nerve wrecked, he gonna look 80 when hes 40.

  46. At 3:20 how is dude with flush draw at %0?

  47. the comment from the commentator about Masa about him being Japanese and susho is annoying and subtlety racist.

  48. 5:50 – Andrew Feldman would have had a flush if he didnt fold. The pot went all the way up to 414 thousand 🤪

    1. Yeah why would he fold that? Ik they were betting high but personally I never give up flush draw

  49. Почему в первом сюжете у игрока с 9,10 ❤️ ноль шансов?? Разве флеш не сильнее стрита? По итогу он бы и выиграл..

  50. I dont understand how Dwan won with a 3 of clubs and 5 of diamonds when masa had triple 8’s. Can someone explain this?

    1. Yeah Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5
      And 10, jack, queen , king, ace

      Can both be str8s with an ace

  51. How is the first guy allowed to wear headphones. Can’t someone feed him what others have?

    1. he’s an extremely successful player and i’m sure they check him to make sure it’s plugged into his ipod like the commentator said and make sure he doesn’t have any other devices on him

  52. Am i missing somthing? How does Feldman have a 0% chance in the first hand after the turn? He has a flush draw

    1. Look at 1:16, it’s actually a diamond ace. The scanner took it wrong

  53. @ 3:27 – why Andrew has 0% and not waiting for heart flash?

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  55. 한국인 분들 제가 존나 궁금한게
    스트레이트 메이드 되었는데 뽀쁠이 왜 0퍼에요

  56. There this hand in the WSOP Tournament where a guy has Quad Aces vs Royal Flush, where is that hand??

  57. awesome: dont raise me… well i think ill fold then 😛

  58. in all Poker games, all players are cool and gangsta until either a whale or a dumbass comes up and goes all-in in every game

  59. He said Kagawa facing Dwan must be a whole different kettle of sushi lol 😆 wtf

  60. first hand the graphic on the screen is wrong, the flop was rainbow not 2 hearts

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