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  1. Why did your bet gp from 18 to 31025 and change number makes no sense

    1. Did you get money back then it came as a lose a would get onto them

  2. When is flirting with e girls video?🙄 Im waiting prod

  3. when prodigy spends more than what your whole family makes in 30 years 😕

    1. I meannnn 275k a year bring home for a household is still pretty nice lol

    2. @Robi Seltzer oh yea I thought it was $ 80000 So I meant 30 years

  4. Lmao everyone making like 2$ and then prod is out here with 100k

  5. You can definitely tell by his reactions his bets are based on emotion and that don’t look good in the future

  6. actually your strategy is pretty shit…low payout but high risk

  7. What do those bets on all 3 columns and all 3 rows mean? I dont get it.

  8. You can tell theres a magnet at .25 speed . Roulette wheels are all rigged 100%!

  9. Can you honestly say you are not sponsored or in a business relation with evolution ?

    1. Wow! then you must have a rlly strong nervous system lol. Or that much money that it doesnt matter that much if you lose some 😁. I would really have stress with such high bets lol. Great video


  11. hey there i have a request for you as we all know broken fang cases price are falling we need your help to stabilize market we want you and your other friends to open operation broken fang cases 🙂 good luck

  12. What it takes to get your comment pinned on prodigys videos?

  13. loses and just sees him running to the deposit button lol good vid prod

  14. That last hit was definitely a cash out (at least I hope so, you’re a smart guy right?) 😂

  15. when i look ur name up on youtube iseethe kids game XD luv ur vids :3

  16. Prodigy: Im not going to blow through the money from my massive wins
    Also Prodigy:

  17. Damn son u rich as fnck 35.000 for on Spinn i hope u make 199000000099900€ million nice videos man I stragel to get an car for 4 k man life is hard

  18. So overall in this video did u win or did you lose ?

  19. im not looking at 180K i m just looking to 506$ its my max win hahahaha

  20. Instant roulette $0,10 – 20 000.
    Prodigy: Bets $27000

  21. Keep it up with the good work. I hope you will continue to win big, but to be honest this is the stupidest thing that i have seen on roulette… imagine just all that bets in a good series how much more money could you win… Anyway good luck.

  22. 1:38 Hitler at this moment: What?

  23. @prodigy
    Ive watched all your videos. almost all of them are victories. what do you play for?

    1. @A Parmana because those balance are not real, hes sponsored by stake

    2. @Prodigy 1 dollar means a lot to me. I love watching foreign sultans like you

  24. And then you have me who can’t finish school because i lost €2000 to this game. Good thing u got some good ass profit yo. Enjoy it bro

  25. All Bets Stupid Bets you Need Toh Play In Immersive Roulette Or Evolution VIP Saloon Roulette !

  26. I don’t understand where he gets these crazy amounts of money, like wtf is his job irl?. What does he do in his life to have this amount of $

  27. it stops spinning …. etc…..do you know the outcome is already set once you hit play ? The spinning and everything else is just graphics to keep you entertained.

  28. Omg you listened to my volume warning request! my ears are grateful

  29. Sir everything is quiet then u screem rly work on that i cant watch with a fixed volume

  30. Isn’t this getting a little out of hand?
    You should get me in a video and I’ll make u big winZz promise

  31. Why bet the 2/1 chances on the outside you can’t win betting them all you are clueless

    1. go ahead. every withdraw is shown on my streams, feel free to check my vods through 🙂

  32. Bro what is? Is this a genuine online casino? I’m so intrigued.can anyone explain this

    1. @Prodigy I mean, is it any different than irl casinos? Are the odds worse or something

    2. Its a casino with real money yeah. But dont try it out man, for real

    3. @Prodigy lmao you’re 100% right. But I’ve always wanted to hit a casino with my cs friends but they live across the country from me. This looks like a cool alternative. Occasionally of course. Is this just like steam but instead of regular games it’s casino games with real money?

  33. Sure guy who is living in a dump spending 800k on Roulette….. sure

  34. My volume all the time 📈📉📈📉📈📉📈

  35. Mantap bang , Cobain juga main slots pake server admin bang , Gua aja modal 300rb jadi 24 juta , video kemenangan nya udah gua share di youtube gua bang …

  36. 11:41 . Turn playback speed to .25. If you dont see the magnet and the fact its absolutely rigged, youre an idiot!

    1. @Prodigy 888 GG partypoker anywhere that doesn’t sponsor you to play on them really.

  37. why was it blured at 16min xD you can see it on the left side

  38. Was that all in one day, cuz if it was, by the look of your balance you had a lot of ups and downs

  39. Never seen bets this high… Wow keep the roulette content up fam lets go

  40. Gambling’s so addictive until you buy a Lamborghini and start a business. Then you become addicted to making money not gambling it

    1. whats the percentage of getting a Lambo and a business trought gambling ? Most people go broke by the 1 month of gambling

  41. Damn… now we are just waiting for a video where u go max betting on lightning or dice 😜

  42. bro 10k is my dream car rn, and you are winning it in 1 sec hahaha.

  43. Did you win or lose money this video haha, hard to follow!

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