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James Bond: Casino Royale izle – Türkçe Altyazılı & Dublaj Film İzle

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James Bond: Casino Royale — Türkçe Dublaj Full HD İzle | ᴴᴰ

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  1. in the book its when he first arrives at the casino and is talking to felix i think? him and the bartender hit it off and they have a nice conversation about said drink.

  2. 2:20 I wonder if that tempis fugit inspired the line in another James Bond movie.

  3. Maybe he didn’t have time to stir it he was in a hurry

  4. In the book Bond comments that if you make this with a vodka made from grain it’s better than with one made from potatoes! I have no idea if this is true since I’m not a big drinker, but an interesting point!

  5. I like .5oz of Lillet, 2oz of Bombay Sapphire, 1oz of Kettle One, lemon etc.

  6. Flemming didnt know much about the science of dilution, but he surely was dilutional.



    I need a drink.

  7. Vesper Lynd was actually named as an allusion to West Berlin, subtly telegraphing her status as a double agent.

  8. Vesper is Latin for evening, and Tempus fugit is Latin for Time flies (flees)

  9. tbh casino royale was the beggining of the boring overly realistic bonds

  10. Vesper , italian Vespro, Mostly for church reference of Vespri those prey you say at evening.

  11. I dont know if you know this, but How To Drink basically stole this video.

  12. In a job where you may have to drink to keep up appearances, or just be an alcoholic, it helps to water down your drinks.

  13. Do you have a link to those funky shotglasses (time 1:50) anywhere?

  14. The Kina LAero dOr would be tempting, if not for the fact that apparently its unavailable in my country. The only one I can get is the Lillet Blanc.

    On the other hand, what gin would you guys recommend? (I cant find Gordons here either, and as I see now it has lower AbV anyway).

  15. Great drink. Tastes like airplane fuel. I love it. Would never ask a bartender to bother making ot for me though, Ill do it myself at home.

    1. Yes! Unfortunately, Id fall asleep after sipping that drink. Its too darn strong.

  16. Any other uses for Lillet? I was thinking about trying it on ice with a splash of tonic and a lemon twist, kind of like a lighter Aperol spritz. Other than that I cant figure how to use up this bottle.

    1. Combine 5cl Lillet, 10cl the tonic and 1 cucumber slice over ice. Some folks swap out the cucumber for lemon and basil.

  17. The worst part of this channel is when he taste the drink… its so annoying, I dont why why but the way he do it, just get on my nerves lol

  18. I thought the shaking was because in the cold war Bond was drinking oily Russian potato vodka

  19. The reason why Bond orders his martinis shaken is two fold. The first as you mentioned being dilution and the second being that when the original novels were written air conditioning was far from standard and shaking a cocktail more effectively chills it down.

    1. The more Im seeing/hearing this, the more sense its starting to make. As a long time Bond fan, it seems so obvious when you point it out.

  20. I have a member at the Country Club that orders these once in a while. I add an ounce of Feavertree naturally light tonic water to compensate for the lack of bittering agents. To get rid of the carbonation, I dry shake then add ice and just let it sit while I peel the lemon; no shaking, no stirring so as not to over dilute due to the addition of the tonic.
    Personally, this isnt one of my favorite cocktails but I could enjoy one every now and then.

  21. This would be a long video, but recreate Dianes first ever order from Cheers:

    Two vodka gimlets, one straight up, one blended, rocks; Chivas, rocks; Comfort Manhattan, hold the cherry; white wine spritzer with a twist; Old Bushmill Irish decaf, hold the sugar.

  22. Well, Gordons is not the same now as it was back in the days, so this would have to be accounted for as well, wouldnt it?

  23. Believe it or not i had this drink yesterday in a bar!! The bartender (a very good one) used a white vermouth and a single dash of violette liqueur insted of kina, it was very very good and since i usually drink mostly whisky i didnt feel the alcohol much

  24. I cant seem to find a definitive answer so can someone please tell me how many ounces 1 measure of alcohol/spirits is, is It the same as a Shot? Ive always thought a Shot was 1oz but depending on you are it ranges from 3/4oz to 1.5oz. As for the difference between Martinis being Shaken or Stirred supposedly Gin reacts differently when Stirred vs Shaken, shaking a Martini supposedly helps mix the Vermouth better and if being mixed with cracked ice induces more water. A Classic Martini is never Shaken its always Stirred which results in a Dryer and more Bitter tasting drink, the Bond Shaken Martini is a weaker tasting drink, Bond orders drinks that way to sound Snootier and more Arrogant ( like he needs help with that being a Brit).
    I dont like Gin so Martinis are not my favorite but I can definitely taste the difference between Stirred and Shaken.

    1. The Measure refers to whatever size of shot glass you use, bearing in mind the Volume doesnt matter so much as the Proportions. ( This drink in ounces is a LARGE martini, needing a fairly substantial glass). Better to say One part Vodka to 3 parts Gordons. Shaken drinks tend to be a touch cloudier than a stirred, which usually will seem a bit more clear. And yes, Shaking dilutes more than stirring, but gets it colder faster, and necessitates the extra fine strainer to keep ice out of the drink, where stirring shouldnt produce too much slush or crystals that need more than your Julep/ Hawthorne strainer.

  25. It should be noted that Bond was trying to be extra and douchey when he ordered this drink. Consider that before ordering it in a bar.

    1. @AestheticBiker82 not that Im pro Marxist or anti reading Marx for that matter but could you elaborate?

    2. Sounds like theres some deeper, Marxist reason behind your comment.

    3. I made one tonight. My first. Right off the bat, 4 oz of booze is a handful. I used Lillet Blanc. The interwebs listed it as one of the substitutes. Gin and vodka, are not half bad.

    4. Not really true. According to the book Casino Royale, Bond orders this drink because when hes on the job he prefers to drink only one large, strong, very cold drink. Thus the above average alcohol content for a single drink, and why its ordered shaken, not stirred. And interestingly, in the book he requests it to be served in a coupe glass, like the latter two cocktails!

  26. Bond watched as the deep glass became frosted with the pale golden drink, slightly aerated by the bruising of the shaker,
    Fleming was well aware of the nuances it seems.

    One of the reasons for shaking might be the vodka, potato vodka vs grain vodka have different textures (with potatoes being more oily, grain being more creamy). And during the cold war era potato vodka was more predominant than grain vodka.
    another might be the serving speed, dilution (marginal) and many more.

    1. Konzetsu “Bond telling the barman, after taking a long sip, Excellent … but if you can get a vodka made with grain instead of potatoes, you will find it still better, and then adds in an aside, Mais nenculons pas des mouches (English: But lets not bugger flies—a vulgar French expression meaning lets not split hairs).””

      Straight from the Casino Royale book

  27. This is a great video and provides needed information on better substitutes for the original Lillet.

  28. Great vid! I like martini, but my favorite is the Dirty. So I made a Dirty Vesper, plainly a Vesper with olive brine and olive instead of lemon in it. You got to love olives to like that drink. 😉

  29. Tempus Fugit means time flies in Latin in case youre wondering.

  30. I wanna kill myself after this shit video…

  31. because between high school and college i studied french for 10 years and both cocktail chemistry and how to drink are driving me insane with this. Its pronounced kina larrow door Its that easy!

  32. The thing that surprised me the most: After seeing this clip I ordered Kina l‘Aero d‘Ore. I thougt „cool someone is importing this to switzerland. After getting it I realised it is from here.!!! (yes i live in switzerland, and yes mountains included).

  33. vespers sunset or evening prayers. An odd choice for Bond xx
    I like quinine

  34. Trying swapping out the lemon peel for an orange peel, that could add some extra bitterness.

  35. This doesn’t even feel like something taboo like alcohol, it feels like your uncle teaching you how make a treehouse c: I loce your channel man, keep going 😀

  36. Bizarre idea, but could you try and make the Powerful Poison from Tom and Jerry? It’d be interesting to see how it’d really be.

  37. Lillet is amazing on its own. Well chilled, it is the perfect aperitif.

  38. I made one once. Went out and tracked down all the ingredients and…I was not a fan. Maybe I’ll try your version

  39. Once again, Bond doesnt know what hes doing…

  40. 3:18 it’s not that complicated if he can write brilliant books I don’t doubt his ability to understand primary school science.

  41. “To a more reasonably sized spec”

    Well we know one of the dislikes is from Ian Fleming’s ghost

  42. Is just me or his voice sounds a lot like Dex from DareDevil s3?

  43. Ian Flemming probably knew more than we give him credit for. He was a Naval intelligence officer, and as such its likely he underwent at least some spy training similar to Bonds. One trick employed by undercover agents is to drink slowly, and order drinks on ice to water them down and ingest less alcohol over all since the ice takes up so much room in the glass. Bond probably was trying to water down his drinks to stay somewhat sharper than his enemies.

  44. Love your videos ☺️ one thing Im confused about with the vesper.. Why the addition of the vodka for this one? Does it help water down the juniper?

  45. I also read that Bond likely had his drinks shaken to dilute them. Not wanting to be to drunk, being an agent of Her Majestys Secret Service.

  46. I know Ian Flemming included a lot of highly detailed food descriptions in his books, I wouldnt put it past him to know a thing or two about cocktails too.

  47. They really need a better name – Alternatively you could learn to pronounce French ….

  48. Protip: apostrophes after d or l arent pronounced. Just pretend theyre not there. Laero Dor. Cellar Door.

  49. If shaking it waters it down, shouldnt it be called a Drowned Vesper?

    Too soon?

  50. A bar near me serves the Lillet version of this and calls it the James Bond… when I order it I call it the Vesper and they just look at me puzzled. If theyre gonna copy it they should use the right name

  51. Cocchi is more common, but the Kina lAero dOr is the closest to Kina Lillet from what I understand.

    While Fleming didnt quite understand the exact science of dilution, shaking it *does* work better than stirring with the old proofs. Historic advertisements prove that the products Bond ordered were indeed 47.5% ABV gin and 50% ABV vodka.

  52. I have a theory on the shaken not stirred thing, he just likes a show

  53. Nice video! The tasting first was a nice idea. I may try the improved ones.

    Offtopic but important: Did you Gear abou #teamtrees? A lot of YouTubers made videos. I would Love seeing one drin you 🙂

  54. I always thought he asks for it shaken to dilute it more on purpose as to delay the effects of intoxication.

  55. I’m not even old enough to drink, and don’t really have an interest in drinking, and yet I’ve been watching all ur videos, it’s just interesting to watch ur process and creativity. Also ur enjoyment of ur own creations is great lmao

  56. Dude, Patreon is about to die. I would soon seek an alternative

  57. That Is Not Where The Drink Came From That Is A Bullshit Made Up Story.
    That Pisses Me Off.

  58. The reason Bond drank shaken martinis is because thats how Ian Fleming drank them.

  59. love the vid… extremely helpful as I have searched for a decent substitute for Kine Lillet and arrived at the same place as you have here…. many thanks…scribed…

  60. Could you add egg white to kill a bit of the strength of the alcohol and add a richer heavier body?

    1. Im a huge fan of Jeffrey Wrights depiction of Leiter.

  61. If I was a bartender, for every time I heard shaken not stirred I would hit the guys balls with a knot and a rope. Its a good drink though.

    1. [COPPA] and ball [NOT-CHILD-FRIENDLY], from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, at en.wikipedia.org. [WOAH THERE SONNY] and ball [THIS IS YOUTUBE NOW] (CBT) is a [BROADCAST YOURSELF] activity involving application of [WOOP] or constriction to the [HI] or [I FORGOT THESE]. This may involve directly painful activities, such as [BOOM] piercing, wax play, [HOLD YER HORSES], squeezing, ball-[ACCOUNT TAKEDOWN], [NOTHING TO SEE HERE] flogging, [IM INNOCENT OFFICER] play, tickle [YOUTUBE IS DEAD IN 2020], [DEMONETIZED] electrostimulation, kneeing or kicking. The recipient of such activities may receive direct physical pleasure via masochism, or emotional pleasure through [50 SHADE WORD] humiliation, or knowledge that the play is pleasing to a sadistic dominant. Many of these practices carry significant health risks.

  62. Drinking with Babish.

    Im sure this joke has been made before.

  63. My modified Vesper:
    1/4 oz Cocchi Americano
    1 oz Gin (Prefer Bombai or Beefeater)
    1 oz Vodka (Prefer Titos or Sobieski)
    Equal parts of the vodka and gin round out the flavor a little bit, so the gin isnt so in your face. Love this drink.

  64. I reference the Corpse Reviver #2 as a good use of the Kina LAéro dOr and it just so happens Greg from How To Drink did a video on it yesterday:
    Also I flubbed and forgot the background music throughout the video, play this at the same time if you need your fix 🙂

    1. 2:40 Yknow, there
      s actually a reason given in the book that Casino Royale is based on as to why the amounts of each ingredient in a Vesper are so large.
      This is taken straight from Chapter 7 of the book:

      A dry martini, he said. One. In a deep champagne goblet.
      Oui, monsieur.
      Just a moment. Three measures of Gordons, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until its ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?
      Certainly monsieur. The barman seemed pleased with the idea.
      Gosh, thats certainly a drink, said Leiter.
      Bond laughed. When Im … er … concentrating, he explained, I never have more than one drink before dinner. But I do like that one to be large and very strong and very cold, and very well-made. I hate small portions of anything, particularly when they taste bad. This drinks my own invention. Im going to patent it when I think of a good name.

      Essentially, like a couple other people have said, Bond was being extra when he ordered it, on top of also just being the kind of person who doesnt half-ass anything they do.

    2. I was gonna ask if you coordinated this video with him, funny coincidence!

    3. I really appreciate the honest review of Kona L’Aero d’Or. I just heard about it from Greg’s video and am curious about using it vs Cochi Americano. Thank you for doing this video.

    4. I believe the reason Bond had his martini shaken, not stirred was because he was a high functioning alcoholic.

  65. could you use the amer china-china in a vesper? instead of lillet

  66. shaken over ice I am slightly embarrassed to admit, I thought he said Shaken over rice until I just saw this.

  67. I think vesper means afternoon?

    Here the young girl Elena sing a Vesper, she is so glad, she is about to marry, she is glad even if she know the church bell is the signal for a massacre, the massacre is actually an historic event, 7000 was killed if I remember correctly

  68. Actually, the dilution thing is true.

    Bond did it because he would Oder a crazy sounding drink, then have it shaken to dilute. He was a working agent, couldn’t be drunk on the job.

    Fleming has spoken about it before. It’s a well known tactic in MI5 etc to look like you’re drinking but are secretly sober.

    1. That seems so simple yet so brilliant. I always just thought he was ordering it wrong.

  69. I wanna try it now next time I go to a bar im gonna order this

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