Play Splixio addicted Game online for free, Splixio.io is a game that can easily engage you with its strategy to conquer as much as blocks you can. Just enter your Name and start the Game. The Motive of the Game is to Conquer as much square as one can of the same color.

The Game is played against the online multiplayer around the world. Conquer the blocks of same color in splixio online game to win the game.

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Control: Arrow Keys


In recent years video games have experienced considerable development. Their practice may involve risks related in particular to the excessive use of online games such as SPLIXIO that can lead to an addiction to video games.

Splixio Addiction

The addictive and addictogène nature of splixio game use mainly concerns networked games on the Internet and especially splixio.

Studies have shown that excessive gaming players on (more than 24 hours per week) could be “addicted”. This real addiction to splixio games only concerns a small proportion of players.

The prevalence

Mental studies in the field of video games and more widely the use of the Internet are very few. There are no standardised questions for a standard assessment of splixio game addiction. The lack of accord on the diagnostic criteria for intense, extreme use of video games (or even splixio game addiction) does not make it easier to compare the results obtained.

Two studies, one conducted by the American (Gentile in 2009) on teenagers aged 10 to 16, showed that 10.5% of young people had symptoms of addiction to the splixio game. The study of Mexican Tejeiro carried in 2003 showed a related rate of addiction to video games among young.

Familial support

Parents are trying to manage their children’s play time. It is important that parents establish a conversation on the issue of video games like Narwhale.io and that they learn to recognise the positive aspects and risks. It seems imperative that parents are involved in these new practices. This knowledge of splixio games will allow them to limit their concerns . They will also be able to choose the most suitable video games according to the age of their children.

Effect of the splixio video game on Health

School difficulties, quitting sport and family life are all characteristic symptoms of a diseased player at video games.

Some signs must alert you that a child locked in his room, sticking to his computer, his eyes fixed on his screen, mystical to any remarks or requests, so his attention is retained by his splixio game and by other young people who “online” Evolve in the same virtual world like him.

Its necessary to be involved in some walking and some other activity rather than the continuous working of the mind stuck to a particular place. One should use the  and  to get some free time from gaming at home. Going out of the house to some places filled with greenery and playing stuff without any console. Doing exercise in the gym can be a good option on Narwhale.io.