Play Splixio Game online and Conquer as many as square to be a winner. The Goal of the Game is to Collect as many squares of the same color. Imagine that Snake would be social… You don’t have to be! Conquer the board, block for block, and dodge attacks from other live players. Do you manage to conquer the whole roster with your color first?

Crawl slowly across the world, and capture every block! Splixio. It stings you against other snakes in the game of extreme domination. In this battle of Multiplayer, your mission is to fill the whole grid with your color. You can fence any free area to make it yours. If anyone touches your current trail, you’ll lose instantly. All the snakes want to capture more land and enter in the first place. Be smart and careful to reach the new sections of the world without being hit!

Splixio – Strategies and Tips

Let’s give you some tips about Splix.IO, another new game of this booming fashion; The multiplayer browser games. The objective of these games is essential to enter, play and compete to reach the highest positions in the ranking of players, with no additional goals. We had already talked about Diepio, a game in which we had to destroy our opponents while we fed to shoot at different geometric shapes. However, this game looks somewhat more like Slither, another game of this kind in which we control a worm that grows as it eats luminous balls.

In Splixio we control another species of worm, although it is represented by a ball that will leave a trail when it moves, although this trail will not always be present. In Splixio we have two elements: we and our terrain, represented by a series of square blocks. Both the ball we control and our terrain is the same color, since here, each player has its own representative color. We can move vertically and horizontally, and if another player hits the wake that leaves the ball that we control, we will die. The fact is that this stele will only be shown when we leave our terrain and, to disappear, we will have to be in contact with some square or block of our color. When we have returned, the terrain we have fenced in our wake will become our color and belong to us, even with that terrain that belonged to our opponents. We will win a point for every square in our possession. The same will happen to our opponents! Let’s look at the game in a more detailed way.

Our goal in Splixio

Our goal in Splixio this game there is no other goal to become the top 1 and, for that, we will have to get as much ground as possible. We can fence the land that is free, or we can rob the terrain of our enemies. Anyway, they’re going to be out there doing the same thing as you, so either you kill them, or they’ll kill you. To eliminate them you will have to collide against their wake, but only manage to eliminate them when the wake that they leave is in neutral terrain, when it is in your terrain or when it is in the other players that are not that precise opponent. In your field you do not have a wake, so, as you can deduce, have all to lose, because they can not end with you, but you, on the contrary, you can finish them.


We have talked about how to end our opponents, but they will also try to do the same with you, so at least carelessness, collide with your wake and die. If you move slowly, fencing the terrain little by little, you will be much less vulnerable than if you adventure on the map and travel long distances outside your terrain, because due to the reduced visual space that you have, you can not even see if someone is or not near T or Estela.

Recommended Strategies

Let’s see some tips to avoid dying and thus be able to become the top 1 in Splixio.

Take care with the edges: if you hit the edges of the stage, you will die. Nothing happens because you approach, but you must be attentive and quickly press the two direction techs to not collide against the edges. Moreover, it is usually a place where your opponents will not approach, so a good strategy could be to gradually conquer the limits of the Ontario, from the inside out. In any case, it implies a lot of risks.

Go slowly: This is a game that puts the patience of the players to the test. If you try to get as much ground as possible in each movement, you will be risking, so go slowly, without ever losing sight of the squares of your color or your wake. In this way, no one will have any way of ending you.
Do not clash against your own wake: If you do, you will die, as in the famous game of the snake. It seems complicated to die like this, but when you have two opponents Carca, and you are on the edges of your respective color, you can get to the curb.
Kill Your Enemies: you will receive points for every enemy you end up with. If you see a trail of another color in your field or if you find it outside, do not hesitate and collide with it to end your opponent. All the squares of his color will disappear. If your opponent’s wake is far away, you should assess whether it’s okay for you to adventures. As always, the more you stay away, the more risk you will run.
Learn from your mistakes: as we said, Splixio is a game that tests your patience, so it is usual to always fall into the same mistakes. If they kill you, learn from what you’ve done wrong and try again.
With these tips that are also pretty obvious, you will have no problems, but the fact is that your opponents do the same. You can click here to play Splix.io and go play for a while. Let’s see now what has really served me.

Splixio’s ultimate strategy

What you have to do is very simple and too mechanical so that you will need patience. If you have time and the game entertains you, you can try the following.

Splixio online game

Just start playing you go to a side of the ring that forms your terrain. You advance three blocks and start to skirt the blocks of your color to close them until you take a complete turn. When you give a few laps, you will see that the beam of the ball you play does not go into the screen, so when you lose sight of it, you must enter the blocks of your color to fence the terrain. Then you go back out and continue to take a full turn. It’s about repeating the same thing all the time. This way you will be doing with the maximum number of possible squares knowing that as soon as you see an opponent approaching your wake, you will be able to re-enter. If your opponent has ventured too much, you won’t find it difficult to chase him a few blocks to finish him off. In the background is the same strategy that applies in Catán, the board game, not to stay locked (saving distances).

It could be that you find that an enemy has stolen blocks from you. In this case you must continue applying the strategy of fencing and, also, it is possible that you find it in the interior of your terrain, so it will not be difficult to chase it by your blocks until you find it and corner.